Rumor: The second season of “Mandalorian” will explain the resurrection of Palpatine

Ninth episode “Star wars“left the explanation for the resurrection of Emperor Palpatine a mystery. To this, fans of the universe now can only build theories, but a fresh report suggests that the details of the return of the main villain of the saga will be clarified in the second season”Mandalorian

Information about this was shared by sources of the portal We Got This Covered, which spoke about the return of Ewan McGregor to the role of Obi-Wan Kenobi in the series for Disney + a few months before the official announcement of the show.

Next up are the spoilers! If you didn’t watch the series, close the news.

In the first season of Mandalorians, Moff Gideon, a former imperial officer, now the commander of the remnants of the stormtrooper army, was introduced to the audience. According to available information, it is this person who will somehow somehow stumble on Palpatine’s body and conduct experiments on it related to Strength and cloning. The specific details are not yet known, but, obviously, it is the actions of the new antagonist that will return Darth Sidious to life.

The portal does not exclude that in the end, the arch with the resurrection of Palpatine can be postponed for the future or even cut out of the series, but what the journalists heard is that LucasFilm now adheres to the plan to tell this storyline in the second season of “Mandalorean”.

The series will return to Disney + this fall.

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