Pirate Warriors 4 introduced a few more characters – review

Company Bandai namco continues introduce players to the characters of the future action movie One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4. In this part, the developers promise the biggest roster in the history of the series: more than forty playable heroes.

A personal trailer is dedicated to each of the participants in the adventure. And now it’s the turn of the new six characters from the fresh arches of the anime series: “Cake Island” and “Dress Rose”.

The pirate and Soul King musician Brooke has risen after his own death thanks to the devil’s fruit and now dreams of returning to his fellow whale. In battle, Brooke relies on high-speed fencing, and he is also able to lull and freeze enemies. Milk restores his health, and to become invincible, Brooke can separate his soul from his body.

Frankie’s ship-borne cyborg carpenter dreams of creating the ship of his dreams. In the meantime, it was he who built the boat for the Straw Pirates. After an accident, his body is crammed with all kinds of mechanisms, including heavy artillery, which Frankie uses in battle.

Archaeologist Nico Robin is able to read ancient texts and is looking for lost mysteries of the past. Its strength is that it can grow additional arms or legs anywhere. This allows Niko to shower enemies with a flurry of attacks.

Vice Admiral Smoker knows how to turn his body into smoke, as well as envelop them with enemies and lift them into the air. He was once obsessed with capturing the Straw Hat pirates.

One of Smoker’s subordinates, Tashigi, is a skilled and incredibly fast swordswoman.

Tony Tony Chopper is a deer that ate the devil’s fruit, allowing him to turn into a man. He is an excellent doctor and knows how to talk with animals. And in battle, Tony Tony uses his various forms or simply attacks with horns.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 will be released in Europe on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on March 26, 2023.