In GTA 6, they replied about the return of CJ from GTA: San Andreas

The network has new information on the expected game Grand theft auto vi from developers from the studio Rockstar games, as well as the appearance in it of the main character of GTA: San Andreas – Carl “CJ” Johnson (Carl “CJ” Johnson).

American rapper Christopher Bellard, also known as Young Maylay, who gave his voice to CJ in GTA: San Andreas, decided to respond to rumors regarding the appearance of his character in GTA 6. According to, the artist gave Your comment on your Instagram page. “I want to dispel all the rumors! I don’t participate in the creation of GTA VI at all, ”wrote Christopher. Thus, his character Carl Johnson is unlikely to appear in Grand Theft Auto 6. Or CJ, at least, will be voiced by another actor.

In addition, judging by the comment of the rapper, he has a rather bad relationship with the developers of Rockstar Games. In his message, Christopher sent the studio: “To hell with these Rockstar. If CJ appears, then another person must voice him. ” At the same time, the rapper did not explain what exactly happened between him and the Rockstar Games studio, and why he treats her so negatively. Fans of the series awaiting Grand Theft Auto VI were disappointed with Bellard’s words. They also added that he acts disrespectfully to the studio. However, some were disappointed precisely because Christopher would not be voicing CJ in case the character really returned to Grand Theft Auto 6.

As noted by, GTA 6 has not yet been officially announced. However, there have been many rumors on the network hinting that the process of creating the game is in full swing. It is assumed that GTA VI will be released in 2023 on new generation consoles.