In fogout 4 fog appeared from the “Mist” and opened the fourth dimension

It became known that in the action Fallout 4 from developers from the studio Bethesda Softworks, the fourth dimension was discovered, and the world of the game itself was shrouded in fog, as in the film “The Darkness.”

Enthusiasts have released an updated version of their modification of Whispering Hills, which significantly transforms Fallout 4 games. According to, the new development adds a thick fog to the action, like in the film “The Darkness” or “Silent Hill”. Wandering through this fog, players will hear various frightening sounds made by monsters. In addition, thanks to the modification of Whispering Hills, from time to time, gamers in Fallout 4 will fall into another dimension filled with various bizarre monsters that will have to be fought off.

It is worth noting that Whispering Hills remakes the environment in Fallout 4, and also adds 10 different weather effects. Among the enemies awaiting players in another dimension are ghouls, Silent Hill nurses, two-headed screamers, and mutant dogs. The new update added another monster called Sirenhead to the game. It is worth noting that the modification already available for free download for everyone. Any gamer can now experience all the horrors of Whispering Hills modification by playing Fallout 4 with her.

According to, the Fallout 4 game was released on November 10, 2015 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC consoles.