There are projects that are intriguing their very essence, concept, sinister-looking specially painted artami and fantasies, which gives rise to the imagination, imagining how much can give this setting. They are not necessarily good, on the contrary. But to pass them did not go.

Start In Fear I Trust, mobile games, only recently moved to Steam, immediately reminds you in fact none are in a mental hospital, bandaged and crippled. Is that to find out what’s going on here, you can start almost immediately: one from living in an abandoned insane asylum is left, and our hero, just knowing what his name is Nicholas begins his dreary investigation.

Review of In Fear I Trust
Virtually the only “medical” segment of the game.

The first thing to note about the In Fear I Trust, is a clear division into chapters (there’s not a business “in the next episode, you will see” any), and each one can always start again to collect the most of all the information, and each of them is categorically different of setting, although we will not transfer from the USSR Brezhnev era.

Chapters are so different from each other at the place and time of action, atmosphere, that each of them can easily be understood as a separate story about lost memory (and generally live it? Is real?) Man. With that, however, each episode – it is a short and relatively unpretentious sketch, not pulling even at full complete story (as was the case, for example, Fran Bow.) All the breaks, we have to start almost from scratch, and all past knowledge are beginning to look suspiciously useless.

Review of In Fear I Trust
It’s hard to be a biologist.

Structurally The game reminds loved by many today Sanitarium: the beginning of the full evidence of terrible experiments hospital, then a visit to the worlds, each of which was significant for the main character. It’s funny, but these are three of the world in spite of their grotesque (school, factory, theater) seem, despite going on in these terrible events, a relatively peaceful and devoid of threats.

Most Nikolai resembles the main character The Town of Light: both are in the grip of a rigid system, which they are not able to resist. There is even a short segment where supposedly dead hero going to burn in the furnace, and he, with a number hanging on the toe, certainly not able to prevent it.

Review of In Fear I Trust
Introduced into the game, and the family of the executed nobles Bolsheviks

Nevertheless, such segments are uncommon, and with all its helplessness intellectual Nicholas is typical character of this quest. From tedious viewing environment in the search for the desired object saves briefly applied a “special view” makes it easy to find all the necessary items, and notes (the latter mostly useless, but can form an idea about what is happening, in addition, the hero is ready to comment on my own every piece of paper, and it looks quite vividly).

The main problem is the complete fragmentation of four parts, which does not give the possibility of at least about a portrait of Nicholas (although at the end we see it, and know about it enough). But was all this time, Nikolai? Or contact again played postmoderinistkuyu joke?

Of course, that does not take away from the authors is their thorough (even excessive) desire to convey the spirit of the era of numerous posters and agitation and notes. And though at times it seems that the developers have gone too stick theater with his posters, sometimes ridiculous and funny, reminiscent of what the time was, in principle.

The last episode in general a bit like Infinite of BioShock: by Burial AT Sea – here it is not so nuarny and apologize glamorous, but well see how ugly life of bohemia of those times.