Immortal Redneck

Old-style action …

The lightness with which our character moves will quickly infect the desire for action, and its clear and carefree appearance does nothing but benefit that first instinct. However, it also faithfully reflects one of the aspects that less mimic evidence in the whole of


the gunplay: the shooting sensation itself. That the recoil does not wreak havoc on our aim is something to be expected in a game of these characteristics, but it goes beyond that: the first time we shoot and shoot with the shotgun at an enemy we will have the


feeling of being driving a toy , something that It complements very well with its caricaturesque and plastic design. In the long run it generates custom, but you can not deny an initial discomfort that


tarnishes the first few steps. On the contrary, it is very much appreciated theamount of different weapons that there are (a total of 51, neither more n


or less), each of them with its own characteristics despite the existence of obvious similarities depending on the type. Finding the right equipment is a long and satisfying process that requires a lot of dedication and experience.

The other fundamental element of control is movement, and in general lines it fulfills wonder with a quick and precise response, very agile jum


ps and the ability to move constantly, whether on land or air. The platforms that flood each room constantly offer points from which to shoot or attract the attention of enemies, and tanning ourselves in the displacement between the


m will be vital to face the adventure with certain guarantees. The variety of enemiesIt is on a par with the location, so we have to use our knowle


dge of both and the arsenal to always opt for the most effective strategy in each situation. If something is certain, it is that not everything is good for everything, and it is practically impossib


le to try to break through using only one weapon and a way of proceeding for it: use of coverages, verticality of the scenarios, type of weapons and special abilities that we will talk about later they will be ingredients to combine differently every few seconds.

Immortal Redneck (PC) screenshot

… and the latest fashion mechanics

But Immortal Redneck is not just an old school FPS: as we said at the beginning, it stands out for its application of the Roguelike style, that is, random ge


neration of scenarios and restarting them every time we die. In this way, it is not a linear campaign to use, but a game that will require many attempts to go further and further to complete the proposed challenges. In short: the g


ame has three pyramids with seven floors each. Complete one means that we can access the next, but for this we have to spend all floors of the pull, because dying involves returning to the starting point to start over, with a completely different generation of scena


rios. As usual in other games of this type, dying is necessary to have options to advance more in successive attempts, as it will allow us to unlock and improve skills for future games, as well as buy aid items.

The improvements are really useful, and the progression tree has branches and levels to bore. The most common are those that allow us to expand our maximum health, the damage we do, the possibility of causing critical impacts or making some special movemen


t such as double jump. However, the most original are found in the favors of the gods, which basically consist of a range of mythological characters who w


ill lend their help at the start of each game, where we will have to choose one of all those we have unlocked. Each deity gives us an arsenal and different statistics in strength, speed, vitality


and other fields, as well as two special abilities(a passive and an active one) that we must learn to use efficiently to be even more deadly. Besides all this


, there are the scrolls of ability, objects scattered by the pyramid that give specific abilities only during the current game. These scrolls can be both beneficial and harmful, so the player must think twice to pick them up every time he finds one.

Immortal Redneck (PC) screenshot

In Kansas, they treated me better

Now, how does all this feel to the whole of what Immortal Redneck is? The truth is that it leaves a result with many chiaroscuros. Although, initially, it is entertaining to try to get higher and higher and explore all the rooms generated in a random way, the sh


adow of what could have been with a campaign of more traditional cut does not take long to be present. The dungeons have varied designs, but it does not take too long to see a constant repetition of patterns that leads to fatigue when a point resists us and tells us to repeat again and again. In fact, although in each pyramid we have a differe


nt ambience and certain room designs, many are exactly the same with simple decoration changes. The normal thing is to make many attempts in t


he first pyramid to learn the mechanics of the game and improve our character, so, even when moving to the following pyramids,monotony .

An added problem is the poor sense of rewardthat the player gets after each failed attempt. At the beginning the progress is more evident, but soon we reach a point where, simply, we will hope to have a bit more luck with what I’ll face next time. To be honest, so


metimes it feels that it is not a particularly fair game, and sometimes it offers an unpleasant experience when it involves playing another forty min


utes in the same intermingled scenarios to try to overcome a boss who resists us (the estimated duration of each full pyramid would be around the game time, but there are certain ways to bypass t


he first three floors once completed). Although it can be thought that it is something habitual of other games with similar proposals, the certain thing is that, in this case, it is really accused. In this way, we have a game that can be madevery long , but equally repetitive


(always depending on the skill of the player). And is that the challenge is quite appetizing at times, but the desire to end the game is very bad ally, since long games with continuous attempts can be frustrating enough.

Immortal Redneck (PC) screenshot

We will not conclude this analysis without talking about the audiovisual section, which borders at a good level. We can not enumerate the technic


al virguerías of which it shows because, simply, it does not pretend it (in fact, the graphic configuration offers quite simple options in its PC version), but the result is functional and perfectly adequateto the game t


hat he presents to us. The casual design and bright colors fit the personality of our character, who will be releasing jokes (and some asshole) for his golden mouth as he dispatches enemies and finds objects. Laughter for all lovers of this kind of humor are assured, and the variety of these comments, available only in English but perfectly translated into Spanish, is appreciated.


The rest of the sound section, which usually meets the effects (including the distortion of them when we are on the verge of death), has another strong point in a soundtrack not very broad but correctly designed to suit each pyramid, always offering tones that move us mentally to Egypt but varying in style between something more classic