Online game with so familiar to the ear called Icarus known for quite some time. For example, in Europe and America, thousands of people are already fighting in the local a fantasy world. Project Published in Russia, the company 101HR , after the sudden closure of a previous project for a long time did not sit back and announced the release of the MMORPG in the CIS.

Incredible phoenix character will fly for the first time.Incredible phoenix character will fly for the first time.

Icarus created by South Korean developer and is based on the engine, CryEngine 3 , which hints at a decent quality pictures. Date closed beta in Russia is scheduled for June 7, as long as the game does not come out, we’ll tell you as much detail about all its features.

Peace and setting

World Icarus called simple and concise word Midlas. It is characterized by a variety of locations and self-sufficient beauty of some of the zones. Initially, newcomers expect a rather dull forest, but further locations can demonstrate really beautiful landscapes – not to sin, and to make a screenshot.

Icarus – a place of fantasy, with a full set of typical symptoms: soldiers with the magicians, but dragons princesses.

So the world looks on Midlasa maksimalochkah.So the world looks on Midlasa maksimalochkah.


Gameplay for the 2017 game is pretty simple. As the level of the characters will automatically appear new active and passive abilities.

Maximum Experience is charged for the execution of orders, so the first rule is the beginner – to take all the jobs in sight, because they are often the target collected in one place. This will significantly speed up production of new levels and reduce the number of innocent slain monsters. Up to a certain stage can swing freely, using only the equipment, which is given for the plot and side quests.

About the characters editor

character editor does not differ a great functionality, but it is simple and clear – there is even a nice presets. The choice of race and non-existent: all the characters in Midlasa world, people who have different professions and obviously the floor.

Girls in the game look beautiful Asian style, and men brutality combined with some corny. It is very difficult to create a truly European character without the typical Asian features.

Even mustachioed characters do not look very Caucasoid.Even mustachioed characters do not look very Caucasoid.

Classes and role-playing system

In the Russian version of the Icarus claimed five classes which are pretty cute divided into levels of difficulty. The easiest of the available Berserk considered.

This is a classic melee fighter that uses heavy armor and a huge two-handed sword. Its main feature is to increase the damage in case of loss of health points. For some skills required to accumulate rage, which is replenished by normal attacks.

Following is the Guardian, which fits the description of a typical “tank”. Play it more difficult to monitor because accounts not only for themselves, but also be fully responsible for the entire group. Slight damage is compensated by the Guardians good defensive skills.

Areas of helpers - is the bread and butter of the Priest.Areas of helpers – is the bread and butter of the Priest.

The next step on the scale of “just-hard” becomes a killer who uses daggers in both hands is able to put a huge amount of damage, and the combination of his attacks impose negative effects on enemies.

The same complexity is considered to be the priest, acting as a support in any group. Priests like to take in the dungeon, and the difficulty in managing such a fighter is the continued support of the spheres of light that can be used to treat allies.

The most difficult to master is considered magician, a feature of which was the highest damage to the area. In contrast, a good attack, mages have a long time cast spells, as well as the protection of the worst indicators. Very soon, promise to add Archer, a game that will not be easy, but we will tell you some other time.

The very first would be your Mount fabulous unicorn ride which will be quite simple at the first attempt.The very first would be your Mount fabulous unicorn ride which will be quite simple at the first attempt.

Mounts and pets

Having dealt with the classes, you must go to the main features of the project Icarus – pet system. Tame the beast first allow the fourth level, and sit on a flying mount will have the seventh. The world Midlas virtually any monster can be rideable, adding it to his magic bag.

Tamed substantive Icarus become sled or flying mount and have their own skills that enhance characteristics owner. Also it is can be turned into a pet that will follow the master, execute commands, and help in the battle. Animals also increase their own level, becoming stronger and more dangerous.

Entrance to one of the caves, where the hero expect strong and scary monsters.Entrance to one of the caves, where the hero expect strong and scary monsters.

A special chip is the ability to fight on the sled mounts – like hiking and flying. As the level of the character receives special skills which can only be used while mounted. All classes are able to use two weapons with identical skills during the movement of animals: the spear and crossbow.

If the foot soldiers of the battle requires energy, rage, or any other attribute, then the battle is spent riding pet’s stamina when it runs out, the hero automatically dismount. Especially effective it is in flight, when suddenly your character falls from a great height to his death.

The main objective of any character - to make a bloody mess of the enemy.The main objective of any character – to make a bloody mess of the enemy.

PvP or SAG … a coward?

It is no secret that one of the favorite activities in the MMORPG for Russian-speaking players consider PvP. The Icarus confrontation between human beings is implemented at several levels at once. The opportunity to spend a duel between the two characters is present from the very first level. Face off can any players without limitations, but the loser will have to restore the health of your own incomplete using potions or food. By the way place for duels better to choose wisely, because aggressive monsters can take part in zavarushku and help your opponent to win.

First PvP area called Wasteland Ekzorana and is available to players who have reached level 28. This is a common area with new jobs, enemies, award-winning and world bosses, and different from the others only in that it allowed PvP, so travel there alone becomes a gamble.

During the flight, you can be distracted by the excellent views around!During the flight, you can be distracted by the excellent views around!

Lovers fight for awards available PvP-Event, in which experienced players will take part in the battles for the mana stone. The event is strongly reminiscent mode “Capture the Flag” in online shooters, so to understand it without any problems. Participate in such battles of the best in the guild, then the action teams will be much more consistent, but also to single given a chance to war: you must enroll in a separate faction-militia, to take part in the event.

For guild members provided one more entertainment: War alliances. Three guild reached the third level can join the alliance, whose head has the right to declare the head of a rival alliance war. About this event will notify the entire server, and the victory will win those who first kill 1000 enemies. Win alliance give a good discount to trade at the auction, as well as some increase chances of taming a pet, crafting or improvement of equipment.

Equipment and craft

In order to adequately perform at such events, the character has to have good equipment. It can get a world of monsters and bosses to get for performing tasks or create. Class restrictions for an item does not exist, so any character can learn recipes and many things to support themselves. This also contributes to the opportunity to produce their own gathering resources. The important point in equipment is considered its strength. Raise the attributes previously created object by using the stone improvements, which is extracted from the equipment or unnecessary for the task.

During acceleration in motion picture blurred, which gives the developer a tendency to anachronisms.During acceleration in motion picture blurred, which gives the developer a tendency to anachronisms.


PvE lovers will appreciate the copious amounts of dungeon that can be played in different modes of difficulty both alone and in a team of five people. In the future, the developers promise to add PvE-mode single player “Spire Ellora” – it will rise on the floors, battling bosses, and the higher the floor, the stronger the enemies who dwell in it.