“I don’t remember such sad arrangements for a long time.” Maelstorm speculated on CIS chances at DreamLeague Leipzig Major

Commentator and analyst at RuHub Vladimir Maelstorm Kuzminov shared his opinion on the state of the professional Dota 2 scene in the region. According to him, for a long time he does not remember “such sad pre-tournament layouts” for teams from the CIS before DreamLeague Leipzig Major.

The analyst believes that the biggest problem in the region is the inability to combine strong players in one composition.

Kuzminov answered the reasoning Yaroslav NS Kuznetsov and Ilya Lil Ilyyuk. The analyst pointed out the poor self-organization of players from the CIS, and the e-sportsman mentioned the dependence on contracts.

DreamLeague Leipzig Major will be held from January 18 to 26 in Germany. 16 teams will play a million dollars and 15 thousand points Dota Pro Circuit. According to bookmakers, teams from the CIS did not even make it into the top 10 likely contenders for victory in the tournament. Read more about this here.