Every year, on the eve of the holiday, many ask me to help them choose a gift for their soul mate.

Every year, on the eve of the holiday, many ask me to help them choose a gift for their soul mate.

Every year, on the eve of the holiday, many ask me to help them choose a gift for their soul mate. Once I wrote an article about this, but now I decided to present you a new list – perhaps in it you will find the very thing! Some approach this problem in a pragmatic way – they just ask: “What should you give?” In the end, everyone is satisfied. But it seems to me that the New Year is the very holiday in which there is room for surprises. After all, although not for long, they bring back memories from our childhood when we ran under the tree in the morning to find something magical there. On my list there will be gifts that can be given to both a girl and just a close friend.

Original AirPods Earphone Case. A nice, inexpensive and very useful gift that is perfect for a friend. On the network you can easily find a variety of models!

Turntable. An original gift for your girl that you will definitely surprise her with! It will be enjoyed not only by those who love music – if a girl is fond of retro themes or interior design, the player is also perfect for her. I myself have long wanted this thing! The cost of the gift is not as high as it might seem – a good copy can easily be bought from ₽5 thousand.

Thermo mug. Another option for an inexpensive but very useful gift for friends and colleagues. If a girl likes coffee, tea or cocoa, a mug is perfect for her. When choosing, do not limit yourself to the standard design – such thermoses are very bright and unusual. And if you add a drink and some sweets to the box, you get an even more pleasant gift!

Warm winter clothes. Scarves, hats, mittens, headphones and warm knitted socks – the choice of pleasant and cozy gifts is so diverse today that you can easily get lost in them! I will add here another version of a very unusual cap-hood, which is suitable for girls who prefer a sporty style of clothing – you can buy one here. By the way, pajamas, warm slippers and long knee-highs can be attributed to this category.

Gift Edition of Harry Potter. This is a very cool and expensive gift for lovers of the magical universe of Joan Rowling. One such book is worth from ₽3.5 thousand to ₽3.8 thousand. GP fans, would you like yourself that? Personally, when I saw, I was wildly delighted!

Instax Instant Printing Camera. This is the coolest gift if your girlfriend loves travel and photography, and also leads on Instagram. If not, the camera may be the first step to discovering her new hobby! A very useful and nice thing, but the price does not bite so much (from ₽5 thousand).

Glider, board for goals. If your girlfriend is very organized and likes to plan everything or, on the contrary, forgets everything and wants to be more collected, as a gift she is perfect Cork boardwall mounted glider or other item from this category. Such a thing will also appeal to those who want to become more motivated or just addicted to interior design.

Coarse Plaid. A useful and very stylish thing, especially relevant in winter. Whenever a girl goes to bed with her, she will remember you with a kind word. Price – from ₽3.5 thousand to ₽9 thousand. If your friend loves the interior, all sorts of cute things and spends a lot of time at home, she will definitely like such a plaid.

Name decoration. I highly recommend not giving perfumes, cosmetics and jewelry – this is only worth doing if you have agreed on everything with the girl in advance and found out her preferences. Otherwise, something original can save you – for example, a jewelry with a name. If your girlfriend is a fan of Sex and the City, such a pendant would be the perfect gift. The silver version will cost from ₽6 thousand.

Courses. Does your girlfriend like to sing and would like to develop it? Give her a vocal course subscription! So you show that you support her and know about her hobbies. But there are other options: English courses, Photoshop, photos … Makeup artist courses are very popular today. There are just a ton of options – picking the right one is easy.

This is a useful gift that will help your girlfriend to develop and, perhaps, even be the first step in mastering a new profession. If you know that she loves a blogger, you can buy courses from him – it’s not so expensive and in any case will give some knowledge. Many of us have long wanted to try something new, but we can’t start it at all or are afraid to waste time. If your girlfriend is one of these, courses are the perfect gift.

AirPods or Apple Watch. Dear, but useful gadgets that will definitely please the girl. Another option is a fitness bracelet, but you can give it only if she asked for it herself. And it’s better to clarify by adding the phrase: “Why do you need it, you are so thin, let’s buy a better dress for you!”

Book with photos from instagram. No one knows how long Instagram will be popular. Remember how VK was popular – no one could even think that one day we would go somewhere else. Perhaps someday your girlfriend will want to remove her instinct. In this case, the book with her photographs will help to keep pleasant memories forever. The cheapest can be ordered here for ₽1.5 thousand, but there are options and more expensive.

Certificate for a photo shoot. A great gift that will suit so many. It will not only become an occasion to post new photos on Instagram, but also leave pleasant memories of the process itself.

Skates or rollers. If you often go to the rink, skates will be a good gift for your girlfriend. Or maybe she just wants to learn how to ride? Then the gift will be another reason to go somewhere together, where you, of course, will teach it! Or maybe even she is you. The main thing here is that such things are very close.

Quest trip. A more friendly option is tickets for a quest or various home games: sets for the Mafia and poker, interesting and unusual tables. Just do not stop at the very first “Monopoly” when choosing!

Map traveler. If your friend loves traveling, such a card will be an interesting gift – on it you can set goals for new trips, as well as remember already completed ones. I’ll also add a movie card here: many couples have a problem with choosing a movie for the night, and this card will fix it. Just erase one of the cells and watch the resulting movie.

Cosmetic accessories. It will be wrong to give cosmetics directly, but you can pick up some accessory. For example, a mirror with a backlight – this is what any girl needs! They are different – both desktop and very large. Another option is makeup brushes. I know that it sounds scary, but in fact, choosing such a set is not difficult. In any cosmetics store you will find the right option for your budget. MACs are considered very good. More expensive options – a brush for washing Clarisonic (about ₽7 thousand) or a brush Foreo. (₽7 thousand) I have been using this for several years and am very pleased. Believe me, your girlfriend will also like it.

Power Bank or Wireless Charging. The more original the appearance of your gift, the better. You don’t need to talk about the benefits of such devices – everyone knows how we depend on gadgets today.

Gaming gifts. If your girlfriend is also fond of games, then you most likely already know what to give her. First of all, of course, the keyboard, mouse, chair and headphones come to mind. I would recommend backlit keyboards – they always look beautiful and bright on the table. Personally, I like the keyboards from Razer, and my mouse is SteelSeries Dota Edition. It is very comfortable, but its side panels erased quite quickly, so you might want to look for something more durable.

The eSports option is the merch of her favorite team. Now it has become much more stylish and high-quality than several years ago. For example, I really like the modern NAVI paraphernalia. By the way, I wonder which merch team you like the most right now?

The most expensive option is the PS4. Yes, yes, not only boys like to play on the console! From this gift you will receive a double benefit – you will please the girl and you will get to all Sony exclusives yourself.

Movie projector.

A projector is an incredible thing that creates an atmosphere in a home. If your girlfriend loves TV shows and movies, then this is a 100% hit. But I’m sure that you yourself will be pleased with the appearance of such a thing.

Hoverboard or electric scooter. This has long been not as expensive a transport as before. If your girlfriend has to walk short distances every day, such a gift for her is just that! But here you need to know in advance which device is more suitable for her.

A lot of things from this list are suitable for both girls and boys. I think few people will give up the PS4 or cool headphones. Well, a projector is an ideal gift! But it is always very important to take into account the interests of man. It should be clear that if your girlfriend takes a taxi and walks in heels, then giving her a gyro scooter is not a good idea.

If you still want to give her cosmetics or perfumes, do not turn this into a surprise – in advance, find out from your friend what exactly she would like to receive. If you do not want to disclose your plans, a certificate in the cosmetic store would be a much better choice.

If you are very fond of giving gifts and devote a lot of time to this, do not forget about the beautiful packaging. For example, for a girl gamer, packaging with her favorite hero from games is perfect – very unusual.

This is my small gift to you, I spent a lot of time asking my friends and trying to find options for a variety of girls. And if it helps someone, it will be the best gift for me.

Have a nice holidays, be kinder. Your Mila.