Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

“Where men become demons” 

Snake, Big Boss . The path of heroes is never simple. On the other hand, it is usually full of setbacks, failures and defeats. Hideo Kojima in Kojima Productions as well as Big Boss with a Mother Base in flames, collapsed and full of corpses, has lived his particular Ground Zeroes with his next departure from Konami and the dismantling of the studio with which his achievements were rewarded.


That sad chapter has not done more than bring a nostalgic value, farewell, a goodbye, to a job of six years that well supposes the one of a whole life. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is the Game of the Year 2015 and will break into the market as Masterpiece, culmination of a saga, and repeated consecration of Kojima himself.

The analysis process of The Phantom Pain has not been anything conventional. The measures imposed by Konami have restricted the number of hours that the press has been able to pass by testing the title to a maximum of 40.


These control measures, common to those who fear exposing the defects of their product to show too much, have an opposite reading in hands of Kojima, the same that surprised presenting Silent Hills as a simple demo called PT.


No journalist has completed the inaccessible mission 46 and is unaware of the effects it triggers. And that, when talking about the Japanese director, has an explanation, purpose and genius that we will soon know.

sin_titulo.jpg screenshot

And so, Metal Gear Solid V  has eliminated some past mistakes and vices and is not only the best Metal Gear in all history . It is the best videogame of a genre, that of infiltration and espionage, which has evolved so much in this release that it is capable of mixing sandbox, management, strategy, collection, episodic development of TV series and the mechanics of the series .


It could also be by quantity. Unlike its predecessors, MGSV is able to easily offer 100 hours of game divided into main missions, secondary and direct Diamond Dogs. And even more, it’s the best Metal Gear for freedom; the ability to attack their missions in any order and in any way. Stealthy approaches will find weapons,


gadgets, tools and companions that fit like a glove in their plans for each objective. The same for those who choose brute force or intermediate terms. Everything with the ability to improvise or adapt to unforeseen events thanks to the supplies that will come from the air through


iDroid . Other elements work at an extraordinary level; script, dramatic and emotional moments, characters or final bosses will be recorded again in the memory, will trigger chills and many emotions, but it would be excessive to say that they oust the current favorites of the fans despite being very close.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (360) screenshotMetal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (360) screenshot

It could also be because of well-armed characters, with human psyches and blinded by human emotions. Revenge, in the first instance as the main theme of The Phantom Pain . Precisely for this reason it is the most crude Metal , raw and sadistic with some frankly hard scenes. The portraits that are made of Big Boss initiating a journey towards the demon that will incarnate


in Outer Heaven , Miller finished, mutilated, embittered and resentful, the most sane, consistent and young  Ocelot , an unstable and soft Emmerichand a Quiet tormented by silence,


distrustful and lethal, they manage to transmit a high degree of connection and at certain moments, even empathy. And that is largely due to the integral Motion Capture and especially the FOX Engine , which literally gives them life, as it does with overwhelming open scenarios in drawing distances, details, animal and plant life, day and night cycles. climatology