Richest CS GO teams in the world

Richest CS GO teams in the world

The editors of continue to take stock of the year. This time we calculated the composition of which organizations earned the most prize money in the past year.

Despite the not very successful second half of the year, the leader in the world ranking was Team liquid, which issued an incredible series in May-July: the team Nick nitr0 cannell took first place in six major tournaments, and also received a million dollars as the winner of the second season of Intel Grand Slam.

Liquid is only slightly behind Astraliswho won both majors. Both rosters received a total of more than $ 2 million: the rest of the teams did not overcome the million dollar mark. From the CIS in the top 10 were only Natus vincere with $ 534 thousand in prize money.

The women’s team was in the top 30: Counter Logic Gaming Red received over $ 151 thousand for tournaments – this is more than that of Spout, Cloud9 and HAVU Gaming.

World top
World top

In the CIS, only three teams earned more than $ 100 thousand per year: in addition to NAVI, this was achieved Avangar (whose players are now in favor of and forZewho have 11th and 18th places in the global ranking.

In the top 5 in the CIS also hit Team spirit and Hellraisers (34th and 41st places in the world classification). In the top ten were the Russians from Lazarus Esports Female, who became the second at the WESG 2019 world final for women’s teams.

In parentheses are places in the world ranking

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