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 How to Survive 2 review


The passion of gamers for everything related to zombies is hard to die. Realizing it is quite easy, given that just take a look at the number of games dedicated to these cute creatures without even being too far back in the years.


In the last decade, the success of The Walking Dead was certainly the most high-sounding zombie theme, but also surprises like State of Decay and the first How to Survive have been able to exploit their respective strengths to be welcomed by the players.


As for How to Survive, it has carved out space by leveraging a good crafting system, obtaining good numbers that have led it to a third-person review, and then put in place a real sequel. 


So EKO Software and 505 Games have given life to How to Survive 2 ,already arrived for some months on PC and from a few days available also for PlayStation 4 (soon also for Xbox One). With a DualShock in hand and a rifle in the other, we are therefore back to being guided by good Kovac towards survival.

In How to Survive 2 even deer have become zombies: once again, Kovac is the only hope!

 How to survive 2 guide


The PlayStation 4 version of how to survive 2 ps4  includes a total of fifty trophies, divided between a single platinum, three gold, six silver and the rest of bronze. Their type ranges between all aspects of the game, with particular attention to the crafting system. However, there are also those devoted to the action, such as the trophy dedicated to the killing of 5,000 zombies: good hunting.


How to survive 2 water


At the very beginning of the game, many people have this question. Since the developers have deprived us of methods of extracting water, to which we are accustomed in the first part, we will have to extract it in other ways. For starters, water can be found in the bunker where Kovak lives  , in the room above the entrance.
The bottle is on the table, it always rests, so you can run on the main map or complete the task and come back for a new one. She can also spawn near the fire, to the right of  Kovak .
Bottles with water are randomly come across on tasks, then to whom as lucky. If you are all very bad, go to the top of the main card, there is a blackberry growing on the plateau, you do not miss it.
You can eat the berries raw, but if you are not yet dying of thirst, better gather a couple and scrub the juice in the kitchen of 2 berries and 1 empty bottle.
The chances of finding a berry bush are different for everyone . Also I came across a blackberry on the quest  “Warring Brothers”  from the character  “Clifton” , at the beginning of the assignment just go left until you reach the impasse.


The events shown in How to Survive 2 take place about fifteen years after those presented by the first chapter, in which the spread of zombies was confined to the island that offered the game its settings.

Kovac help us

As you can imagine, in the meantime the infection has spread throughout the world, thus giving the Parisian team the excuse to move the place where the facts occur in the southern United States, to be exact in Louisiana. As we have seen recently in Resident Evil 7 ,


New Orleans and its surroundings (the famous bayou) are one of the most striking places to deal with a zombie epidemic, as well as being more difficult due to the marshy terrain. Fortunately, to bring the light into our darkness we find once again the good Kovac, inexhaustible source of advice to survive and prosper thanks to the construction of a field equipped with all the amenities.


The starting point is therefore one of the many marshes that are part of Louisiana, in which to put the roots of our field without renouncing incursions into more civilized places.The idea to go around is offered to us as we said by Kovac, who provides us with important information to get everything we need, presenting the search for various materials in the form of a real quest.


The Russian is not really the only person with whom we find ourselves interacting in How to Survive 2, a title in which the narrative component is reduced to the few exchanges with the various living characters that still populate the area. At the center of the experience, as we said, there are the construction and strengthening of our field, for which to make their way through zombie thrashes becomes a necessity.


This is not really the only one, because how to survive 2 xbox one does not forget the primary ones, also making the procurement of food and liquids necessary to keep one’s character alive. Compared to the first chapter, the need to sleep disappears.

The role system has become confusing and not very convenient. Some skills can be trained only by raising the level of the hero. And it, in turn, can be increased only by raising the level of the camp. Quests issued by Kovak and a couple of characters who live nearby have limits on the level of the camp and the hero, so you will almost certainly have to go through some tasks several times.

Nothing wrong with this grind, it seems, and no. After all, in How to Survive 2 now there is no connected plot – the mission seems to be and unites some common text, but they look like some daily raids in a casual MMO. Loading a separate map, assembled from standard building blocks, on which you must: a) collect a certain number of objects of a certain type; b) kill a number of specific opponents; c) find the key, survivor or refuge. Considering that all forest zones or city quarters are similar to each other and are assembled from the same type of elements, the fulfillment of missions is generally a dull and monotonous occupation.

After reaching a certain level of the camp, Kovak offers you to test the fortifications and calls to your “town” a crowd of zombies, so it’s worth taking care of the fence, firing lines and traps. However, I can not say that such stress tests are really amusing entertainment in a single game.

But after the sustained siege you will be able to develop the camp further, and therefore, again to go on the same quests, collect resources and pump everything you reach. Gameplay How to Survive 2 monotonous, predictable and generally not at all fun, unless you play with friends in a cooperative mode.

From the visual point of view How to Survive 2 is also not a masterpiece. The change of day and night in general looks good, as well as a variety of weather conditions. But the gray-green color scheme, fuzzy textures and repeating elements make the picture very inexpressive and, again, this word is boring. The ban on camera rotation is generally some kind of nonsense, which significantly worsens control. It is clear that this is caused by that mythical local cooperative behind one PC. But, I repeat, it seems that developers believe in fairy tales.

So we came to the point. Far from always increasing the development of the ideas of the original projects that players like, leads to an improvement in the gameplay. Yes, and adding a cooperative does not automatically improve the monotonous gameplay. How to Survive 2 clearly does not even reach the level of its predecessor. This time, EKO Software has got a boring, inexpressive arcade, capable of pleasing except the most fanatical fans of such games.