Homefront: The Revolution

Story in Homefront: The Revolution is about the same as in the past, only some of the details have changed.

America is unsuccessful war in the Middle East and wasting their own resources, weakening their position; North Korea, on the other hand, made an incredible leap in the development of technology and began selling US weapons that the Americans have started to buy the Koreans on credit.

However, to pay the debts of the US government could not (quite impoverished because of the failures of war), and North Korea has decided to occupy the territory of the debtor by sending in their own paramilitary units and equipment.

Locals sing songs that the DPRK troops here to put things in order and stuff like that; In fact, a visit to the United States – a militarized country and the seizure of the establishment of the totalitarian regime in the United States.

Of course, not everyone agrees with the new layouts of life in the country. Across America began to form a resistance force, like rats hiding in the dirty subway stations and God knows where.

The Revolution events unfold in Philadelphia – it is here that the main character, Itan Broudi must help the leaders of the rebel movement to recapture the country and the release from captivity of the local legend of the revolution – Benjamin Walker.

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And then the writers are trying to hit the drama, trying to show how hard and painful life is poor revolutionaries. But penetrate and take pity on them, if they wanted to, not work.

The plot of The Revolution – is a collage of sketches on the theme of “very bad”. In resistance always something goes wrong; your allies and then swear, voice breaking, arguing, discussing the next plan of sabotage; the characters all the time pushing ultimatums pretentious speech – The Revolution is simply bursting from the high pathos.

Heroes so often yelling that it becomes unclear as they have not died from the nervous strain.

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At one point, The Revolution and completely transformed into self-parody. Itan Broudi – is a Gordon Freeman, for the whole game, he did not utter a word. Just imagine, in one scene Ethan and his friends are held captive by the Koreans; to your aid breaks the APC, but it exploded with the pilot, a girl Heather.

Ethan rushes to her aid and drags her wounded body in the Jeep. She wheezes, gasps – in general, kind of like a drama. And then one of the key characters screaming to you, “Ethan, talk to her! Speak! ”

Ethan just silent and stares at nothing. At such times, an event absurdity, on precepts Sith elevated absolute.

Just ridiculous new Homefront looks and at other times. The Revolution worships all the games open world by Ubisoft, and especially strongly influenced the authors of the last two parts of Far Cry. True, Dambuster Studios took over from Far Cry only form, and all the mechanics or simply do not work as they should, or are made as if The Revolution – a shooter from the early two thousandth.

Across Philadelphia Koreans set their roadblocks (towers) that Ethan will seize, to gain access to new jobs. It is advisable to rotate their operations, without making a fuss, but it is unlikely that you will succeed.

Stealth in The Revolution just does not work, and recalls the worst moments of the first of Crysis . Opponents, like it or not, you will notice, even if you sneak behind a concrete wall; even if Ethan sneaks up behind the enemy – the magical eye at the back will not let you pass unnoticed.

Go peddle is also not particularly interesting: a shootout in The Revolution will cause you to the best nostalgia. Dambuster Studio sewed his game geymdizaynerskih of outdated methods, making Homefront: The Revolution in a museum exhibit: here you can see how the enemies one by one rod from the same point;

The authors did not hesitate to apply the 2016 spawn – Korean troops indefinitely will settle on you as long as you do not perform the basic task.