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Team Leader Xbox Phil Spencer shared in an interview with the publication The verge new information about the plans of the gaming unit Microsoft in the streaming direction for the foreseeable future.

Spencer noted that streaming will introduce the widest possible audience to console games. He did not rule out that one day Microsoft will release its own analogue of a media player like Google Chromecast, which can be easily connected to a TV.

“You’ll likely continue to see various budget gaming devices that are part of our ecosystem, such as streaming media players or their equivalents, suitable for easy installation directly onto your TV and then playing through xCloud. Game Pass, which allows you to stream games via xCloud directly to your screen. The only thing you need in this case is one controller, “explained Phil Spencer.

In addition, the pop manager spoke about the fact that right now Microsoft actively works with Appleto best represent the ecosystem Xbox on this closed platform. The parties have already made significant progress in working together and are going to share its fruits early next year.

Phil Spencer also did not rule out that Microsoft will start the subscription Xbox Game Pass Platinum… Its goal will be to provide players with all the existing services of the company, as well as its main hardware solutions. Such an initiative can become a natural continuation of the program. Xbox All Accessproviding everyone with a console Xbox series x together with a subscription to Game pass by installments.

Launch of new generation gaming systems Xbox Series X and S will take place already 10th of November

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