It is difficult to explain the satisfaction that one feels when carrying out the murder that he had to order without leaving clues, witnesses and, what is better, making it “look like an accident”. And there are many moments of that cruel brilliance in this Hitman 2016 , which has been formulated as if the first season of a television series was about, an


d that has already promised a second and third series of episodes. Hopefully we have already avoided the controversy of, precisely, its divisio


n into parts and its digital distribution in episodic format because in IO Interactive , aware of the classic spirit of many of its fans, they have also made sure that now that all the available parts are also available. can be acquired as a complete game, and even presents elegant physical editions for collectors. With th


e game downloadable by parts or complete, and with a great physical version with succulent incentives also already in stores it is difficult to question the business model; and at the end of the day, all this puts an end to the sterile controversy of those who only wa


nted to malmeter. If you want alacrity, you will enjoy it little by little, chapter by chapter; If you want the complete experience, you acquire everything at once. What else does it have to do with it when the end result is good?



Aristocrat of Murder

I already warned you a few months ago when the prologue and the first episode of Hitman premiered. We would wait for him to be complete for the analysis and, at the time, we would offer you just a small preview in the form of Gameplayfrom the experience of those first bars so that you could make an idea if you were one of those who could not wait any longer and wan

ted to buy it. The verdict? IO Interactive did not lie when it said that the adoption of a format by episodes would allow him to have a healthy feedback from the fans he would use, and he has managed to correct the criticism and turn to the praised parts to offer an experience that has suffered an effect bell inverted in terms of quality (
first episode, second and close formidable and episodes third, fourth and fifth somewhat more discreet), but that chapter by chapter has shown not to sit idly by. The bases are still those of the first volume, the prologue and the stage set in Paris, but the polishing of concepts has been showing very, very good results.


Hitman analysis

Becoming a master of disguise and properly use our weapons and gadgets is key to success.

Why is it important to qualify this? Because the hard core of the gameplay of the saga can not (and should not) change, and is that its mixture of stealth, exploration and strategy is so iconic that major changes could lead to the loss of your identi

ty. That is why the franchise has been moving towards a “bigger and better” instead of registering abrupt changes over more than 15 years of life as a franchise. There is a difference, yes, between steering wheel turns and carrying out as few additions as


in this episode, something that is criticized and that we miss in this game. That reductionist spiritis something against which I usually position myself, however that does not mean that size does n


ot matter in a Hitman … Because it does, and a lot. It is not by chance that Paris was the most modest stage in terms of dimensions, even though it was gigantic, and that the sense of the scale was fading episode by episode. The bigger its decoration, the mo


re tactical possibilities there are to enrich each order, and in that sense the new delivery has been very intelligent, formulating small guides thanks to the so-called Oportunidades , one of the few breaths of freshness of the whole.


Hitman PC

The conception of the 6 episodes as open minimundos is brilliant

With them we try to encourage paying attention to everything that surrounds us, and take even more advantage of the scenarios. W

e can listen to a couple of people talking and extract clues that serve us, maybe we find some document with valuable information or, to put one last example, we observe some weakness that could come in handy. All this informati
on is notified and stored in the menu, and gives us many possibilities that we can follow or not to meet our objectives with something that I do not want to call aid, but for what I think the concept of clues fits better . The conception of the six epi
sodes as open minimundos is fundamental in this sense, because there is no right way to do things … Each phase has several tens of them, and in our hand is to choose how we want to do things, what equipment we want to use and also depends on our ability to get them to execute correctly.