High altitude show

 Steep game review

The timing of the French house is commendable (the title is developed by the Annecy division), which managed to package the product in time for the Christmas holidays. Considering that Steep is entirely set in the Alps and characterized by tons of snow, it is the ideal title to keep us company on cold winter days. We had to wait a little longer for the product review, as we tested the product with active servers.


We have long played a copy of the title, obtaining mixed but substantially positive impressions, if you are looking for a spiritual successor of exponents like SSX, 1080 ° and Cool Boarders, you are in the right place and you should just keep reading.

Ubisoft is not afraid to take risks and enters four sports disciplines in steep

Steep Gameplay


The most surprising aspect of  the steep is its innovative formula, able to approach the genre of extreme sports on snow through a series of ideas that are largely unusual.


The title is basically an open world set in a gigantic map, which represents as already said a transposition of the Alpine chain located between Italy, Switzerland and France.


 Once you have entered the game and connected to Ubisoft servers, we are introduced without too much agreement to the necessary initial tutorial, essential and not very exhaustive.

High altitude show

On this occasion we are able to become familiar with the four disciplines proposed by the title: skiing, snowboarding, paragliding and wing suit. Through a ring menu you can change them comfortably at any time, but also decide whether to simply continue on foot, provided that the snow allows it.

 Steep download on steam after buy this game,steep price is $26.49 USD


Exploration is an important component of production, as one of the goals is to seek out and discover new places associated with specific challenges.

But to start in the sweetest and painless way possible, the game offers a set of races already set following the on-screen instructions and the comment (in Italian) that tells us what we have to do.


The points of interest begin to light up in the giant map with an inexorable frequency, so that after a few hours is full of activities to be done, in the full style of the French house. 


The goal, if we have to find one, is to complete the 100 challenges included in the game, but also to file our personal records by comparing them with those of the community.


Finally, it is also possible to create real custom to play with friends, a feature that best outlines the personality of  steep pc, a title not exclusively multiplayer, but strongly devoted to this component. All real players are in fact in sight and it is possible at any time to involve them in our activities.


The only video menus that we can call independent, manage respectively the choice of discipline and the personalization of our character, able to wear many unlockable items along the game or purchased with the internal currency (can also be purchased with real money).


The characteristic of presenting several disciplines was clear from the presentation, so much so that  steep the game is not identifiable, like illustrious predecessors, as a mere snowboard simulator, but a true multi-sports event.


Of course  steep xbox , it does not mean that we are faced with four games in one, but the diversity of the disciplines helps to make the experience varied and sometimes confusing.Not all unfortunately are completely successful.


The snowboard is definitely and fortunately among our favorites, representing a large percentage of the races and contemplating the execution of tricks – when required – to increase your score, in full SSX style or, in the skateboard, the SKATE series of Electronic Arts .


The wing suit is also exalting, the protagonist of a series of events completely similar to unbridled races along shivering passages.


At the bottom of our preferences is instead paragliding and the races associated with it, rather boring and frustrating if you do not accurately perform the necessary maneuvers to maintain the right share. In flying competitions it is essential to cross circular areas that represent the checkpoints of the route, skipping one involves the immediate cancellation of the race, an event that unfortunately will often happen, also aided by a physics that is not always understandable.