He will not H1Z1: how to survive in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

No sooner had PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds go to the early access Steam , as already tearing apart all kinds of charts. A couple of weeks has already sold over a million copies, and if you decide to join this growing community inexorably, but absolutely can not understand what’s going on, we’ve compiled some useful tips!

1. Play with your friends

There is an unwritten rule – any online game more fun in good company. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is no exception, and in its genre “king of the mountain”, where the only goal – to be the last survivor, looks extremely attractive. And if playing solo then becomes almost horror, where stremayutsya from any rustle, with friends, and there is room for tactical forced marches, and for a fun joint eksploringa.

2. Press Ctrl + T

As soon as the round, immediately clamp the key combination the Ctrl + T . Well, unless you’re a fan of foul language in all languages of the world. With teammates better communicate on Skype, Teamspeak, and their ilk.

Map Transport spawnMap Transport spawn

3. away lands and looking for a car

Regarding the initial tactics already heated debate among zadrotov. Some experts say that the transportation is necessary to bypass a mile away – say, the noise it creates a lot, it can be seen from afar generally no stealth.

We encourage all to do the opposite: focusing on the map spawn vehicles, try to jump out and fly off to the most distant orange markers. Be alert parachutes rivals and try not to cross them ahead of time. And yes, the most important thing: when procure yourself a wheelbarrow, Lord forbid you try to get out of it on the go.

4. Aim for the center of the circle, avoiding airstrikes

Home mechanics that makes the crowd not to spread on a huge map and fight with each other locally – gradually truncates area of ​​the game. Do not forget to keep an eye on the timer, counting down the time until the next contraction, and the parties wandering the red zone – it shows where at the moment is the shelling.

If you get such a camouflage, you can not shoot at all.  The main thing - to lie inside the white circleIf you get such a camouflage, you can not shoot at all. The main thing – to lie inside the white circle

5. loot from a third party, from the first fight

In Battlegrounds is still no FOV setting (also known as the viewing angle), so explore the world and especially to search the buildings more comfortable with a third party. But at the sight of an enemy fighter, boldly push V or right mouse button – Aim through the fly is always “out of sight”, and firing costs that way.

6. Be careful not to open the door

An open door is almost always a disturbing signal: at least someone has brushed this building, and sometimes that someone might still be inside. However, some particularly cunning hunters closes the door to cover their tracks, or worse, to ambush. Therefore, you can not lose concentration for a second.

You can break all the commandments virtually the same time.  Do not show it MilonovaYou can break all the commandments virtually the same time. Do not show it Milonova

7. Grind hovel wisely

First of all look for a backpack, otherwise all the joy of the gathering will end after a couple of houses. For more convenient resource management, you can use the Tab key, picking up from the floor only what is really needed. Pay attention to the level of equipment, which are chosen – even if you already have a helmet, it is likely to find more abruptly.

By the way, do not neglect headdresses – salvation from crazy headshots pays pretty ridiculous appearance. Also keep in mind that the newly selected gun is almost always not charged, but ammo for them is usually somewhere nearby.

Do not forget to put on them to improve – it can be done as a drag and drop, or just right-click. Well, about eyrdropy do not forget, there’s usually a good loot!

8. Pick up the weapons to your playing style

Arsenal PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds rich, but the slots for large-caliber guns, only two, so choose what to carry, it is necessary to wisely. Ultimatum decision stands hung with M16. Kalashnikov gun does more damage, but is not as accurate and gives much.

Shotgun with an attached chokom can be useful not only in the near-skirmish, but in the middle distance, and shot in the head of the carbine will save almost no cap. However, do not forget the main rule Battlegrounds: good skirmish that which was not. Open fire, thereby giving its location, is only a last resort and with full confidence in the successful outcome of the battle.

Do you like playing? You bend over already? If you have something to add to this guide correctly – wait for tips in the comments!