Hard Reset Redux

You run, you shoot … and now you also dodge! Forward, sideways or even backwards. It does not matter in order to avoid the wild attacks of that horde of killer robots that will not give you a second of truce. They attack from all fronts and simultaneou


sly with missiles, shrapnel, electric beams, blades … and whatever it is that allows them to annihilate you. It is his only goal in the video game. Our? Survive such cybernetic carnage while we put an end to a conspiracy that threatens to destroy the l


ast bastion of humanity in this futuristic world dominated by machines. A mere excuse, unoriginal and lack of emotion, but enough to entertain us during the nearly six hoursthat can take us to complete this challenging action adventure that is enjoyed, really, when betting on its higher levels of difficulty. The challenge is worth it!


Mechanical hell

Alone in the face of danger, facing death face to face like the great heroes of the nineties, Hard Reset Redux is one of the best and funniest examples of frantic action heiressed by classics such as Quake, Duke Nukem or Doom. It is a festival of shots, explosions an

d deaths everywhere that does not give rise to a respite. Nor is he sympathetic to the players. Here failures are not forgiven. An oversight and PUM, you have become an unrecognizable mess of flesh. That easy. And it will not be because we are lacking in weapons and resources for the struggle.


Hard Reset Redux analysis

The combats against the bosses are pure spectacle and a real challenge. Too bad there are not as many as we would have liked.

Although a priori we only have two types of weapons , one based on ballistic fire and another on energy, the fact is that Hard Reset does not leave any of the typical weapons in this class of video games: shotguns, rocket launchers, assault rifles, plasma rays, electric shoc


ks, mines, incendiary grenades … as we advance in the game the arsenal will grow with new combat tools that we will unlock and even improve thanks to the use of NANO energy , which we will find hidden in the scenarios or among the remains of the killed enemies.


The options are somewhat limited, yes, but enough to mold at will the abilities of Commander Fletcher , who may specialize in the use of certain weapons against others, as well as improve their resistance to damage, the maximum level of health, or the

speed with which it regenerates the shields among others. This is not the differentiating aspect of Hard Reset, however, compared to


other titles of the style. It is, and in what way, our ability to use the environment as one more weapon . You can bust practically everything! What you already imagine offers great tactical advantages against enemies who always attack en masse.


Hard Reset Redux PC

Battles in Hard Reset are pure spectacle thanks to the level of destruction that can be achieved in each scenario

Cars that explode in a thousand pieces, explosive barrels, energy deposits that will throw rays right and left, containers that will emit electromagnetic pulses capable of frying, even for a few moments, the circuits of the robots … the battles in Hard Reset are p

ure spectacle thanks to the level of destructionthat can be achieved in each scenario. You will even see the biggest robots knock down walls, pipes and other obstacles with astonishing ease, forcing you clear to run in search of a better position from wh
ich to shoot. In this sense, the action is greatly benefited by that movement of elusiveness that we talked about before. In the original, avoiding the onslaught of enemies was little more than an odyssey; Now everything is much “easier” and fun, following the style of Shadow Warrior, which has also borrowed a katana .


Do not expect to imitate Lo Wang in this futuristic world. Although the sword is good to clean some areas, its utility is quite limited because the enemies are much stronger than the demons of Shadow Warrior, in addition to practically all shoot or explode when they die. There are also no combinations or special movements based on the use of the katana.


 You hit and period. That is not bad … but do not expect great things either. And speaking of novelties, this Redux edition also adds the additional levels of the Exile expansion series, which takes the action to the outskirts of the city of Beozar, where we will encounter new enemies and scenarios of very different aesthetics.


Hard Reset Redux

Hard Reset Redux

The katana is one of the novelties of Hard Reset Redux, although it does not have a great weight in the action. It’s fun to use … and unhelpful against most enemies.

Each level also receives


small touches that speed up the pace of action, modifying for example the location of enemies, which are now better distributed. Unfortunately, al


though there are some additions such as cybernetic zombies, the truth is that we continue to miss more variety of enemies; more rivals that force us to change our combat strategy. And the same could be said for the bosses . These battles are so epic in the higher levels of difficulty, that we would have loved to run into some more.


In the end this causes that at specific moments of the game, since practically everything consists of advancing and hitting shots, it becomes somewhat repetitive. Not to the point of being serious, or even a problem, but enough to pale before other games of the style, such as the most recent Doom


 . The good news for the players of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is that Hard Reset Redux works quite well on both platforms, both visually and especially in its control system. We were afraid, given the frenetism with which their action moves, that the shootings did not respo


nd well to the command. Not the case, although anyone who has enjoyed the original PC will have to get used to it. Also to the fluidity with which everything works. In compatible the speed at which it moves is insane … and then in console notes that it is not so fast, but enough to enjoy their shootings. Also without slowdowns despite the chaos that is generated at specific moments of the game.