XSvamp1Re on the first map against Fighting PandaS: “It was harder for our heroes to win”

Player lineup Gambit esports by Dota 2 Daniil XSvamp1Re Alibaev commented on the victory over Fighting pandaS on the WePlay! Bukovel Minor 2023. In an interview with Cybersport.ru, he explained why difficulties arose on the first map and explained the peak of Naga Siren against Alchemist.

– Why was the game so hard and exciting?

– On the first map it was hard to play. They had good heroes, a good game. It was harder for our heroes to win, so they played too long.

– The confrontation of Naga Siren and Alchemist. Why did you choose Naga Siren and what were her chances against Alchemist?

– Well, what are the alternatives? Naga Siren is one of the best heroes who farm and farm him on an equal footing. Therefore, it was a good choice.

Source: WePlay!

– On the second, everything was fine. Why do teams take Clinkz? For the second time, some problems with him.

– Maybe they just didn’t have any options to take someone else, so they decided to take Clinkz, although I myself don’t know why they are picking him now. He seems to be good, but he doesn’t seem to win the game. Incomprehensible hero.

– Third card, decision EternaLEnVy to go to the throne … Would you do the same or would you decide to tear the side down?

– I do not know how it would be from our side. We didn’t have a buy-in from Shadow Fiend, they knew this and decided to go to the throne, they thought they would have time. But we have Treant Protector, Tiny, Timbersaw, and we stopped their push. It was already clear that they could not be demolished in any way.

– Did you understand that you can defend yourself, was there a clear plan and there was no panic?

– Not. Well, actually, initially, when they went to the throne, we crouched a little bit, but then we went to them and realized that they weren’t killing us.

– Tomorrow you play with Geek famready to play against her?

– Yes, we played HF with her, so we are ready for her.

WePlay! Bukovel Minor 2023 runs from January 9 to 12. The prize pool of the tournament is $ 300 thousand, 660 DPC points and a slot on DreamLeague Leipzig Major. Gambit took first place in group B and went into the playoffs of the championship. In the next match, the team will meet with Geek Fam – the start of the meeting is scheduled for January 11, 18:00 Moscow time.