Halo Wars 2

The earth trembles in its path, nothing resists the fury of its plasma cannons, but do not give up! You keep fighting, stoically fighting, devising the way to end the fierce Exiles, a rebellious Covenant faction that does not seem to fear anything. And


then … then the epic arrives ! A Spartan, making his way to clean shot, has just seized a Wraith Tank while the great battle cruiser Spirit of Fire offers its support to the UNSC troops with a tireless shower of missiles. The tables have changed! And y


ou only have to smile after contemplating this show so typical of the Halo series , even though this is a real-time strategyvideogame !, Not the classic action adventures of the Master Chief.


It seems incredible, it is hard to imagine that a videogame of these characteristics is capable of recreating the tone, scale and epic of the great Microsoft franchise, but that’s how good the work done by the British of The Creative Assembly is , that once again, and already go a few thanks to his saga Total War, show that in this strategy few shadows. It is not a partic


ularly complex job, sometimes, as a great fan of the genre, I have missed more options, more alternatives when approaching the action, but I can not deny that I had a great time from beginning to end, both in his solo camp


aign, as through the very complete multiplayer side that treasures Halo Wars 2. You really feel like you are waging a great war in this great science fict


ion universe; you believe you are part of a conflict of colossal proportions in which everything is possible. And his first miracle is to make this epic strategic action work wonders with the command of Xbox One .


A great legacy … that is reborn

Nobody should catch by surprise. Already the original video game, developed by the defunct team responsible for Age of Empires, showed that the strategy in real time can work on consoles. Somebody tells you that until then, he never imagined commanding armies w

ithout keyboard and mouse in between. There were certain limitations, of course, because you had to settle for the buttons that have command and point, but the parents of the original Halo Wars were smart to desig
n a video game that did not need much more to captivate you with their epic strategic battles. He did not lack anything! There you had the resource management , light and very automated, yes, but present; same as the construction of command centers w
ith their barracks, defensive turrets, workshops for vehicles and other buildings, which you did not scatter around the map, but concentrated in areas designed for it in such a way that it was quick and easy to create a base of operations, perfectly functional, in a matter of seconds.


Halo Wars 2 analysis

Atriox, the great villain … or at least on paper. Although his plot background is exciting, you get nothing useful in campaign mode. What a pity!

You settled in one place, you began to train troops … and the war! There were no distractions in between or anything that hindered that, to start the fight, to face the enemy in great battles for the control of the territory. Just what we find in this se


quel, which has been able to take advantage of the great legacy of the original without losing the opportunity to introduce some advances and developments that, frankly, feel great. Especially when it comes to controlling the troops with the command of Xbox One in their hands. You feel greater dominion over them; you can group them in platoo


ns, assign them direct access to the crosshead, move from one to another with extreme ease to take better advantage of their special abilities… at the same time you feel it is much easier and faster to move around the stage; move from one point of the m


ap to another with a simple touch of a button so that the fight on several fronts does not suppose an ordeal for console players.


Halo Wars 2 PC

Halo Wars 2

It is possible that at the beginning it is difficult for you to assimilate some combinations of buttons, but after a few battles, you will feel really comfortable with the war experience that the videogame proposes. How about on PC ? It is also comfortable … alt


hough somewhat peculiar. An example. To rotate the camera, or simply zoom, it is necessary to press the Alt key, which is not usual !, but here it makes sense, because turning the mouse wheel, to dry, alternate the control between one and other combat un


its inside the battalion that you manage at that moment. A matter of getting used, both in Xbox One and compatible, but I warn you that this effort is worth it.