Halo returns to PC

 HALO WARS 2 review

It is clear that the primary target are Xbox gamers, hence the simplified interface and the rather elementary gameplay that in the clashes between the units is reduced to a simple system of “paper, scissors and stone”. Since this review is aimed at a public PC, where the genre is much more established, it seems appropriate to compare the title with others in its own category.


Before talking about the actual gameplay and the, unfortunately few, exclusive features of the version for Windows 10 systems, it is fair to point out that this time Microsoft has not limited itself to develop a simple port, the game uses the DirectX 12 libraries and its settings has a full editor of graphic options to achieve the perfect configuration based on your available hardware. Despite the game interface remains similar to the Xbox version, a submenu allows you to manage and map all the keys of our keyboard, so you have full control and be able to apply our strategies more effectively.

Halo Wars 2 also comes on PC with a fun and fast-paced experience

halo wars 2 gameplay


  • Release date : February 21, 2017.
  • Genre : Strategy in real time
  • Series : Halo
  • Publisher : Microsoft Studios
  • Developers : 343 Industries , Creative Assembly
  • Platforms : Xbox One, Windows

halo wars 2 story

Despite the first technical impact with the  halo wars 2 pc version is excellent, we find ourselves once again with an interface particularly similar to the  halo wars 2 xbox one version , not suitable for gameplay via mouse and keyboard but still appreciable.

It is easy to guess that it is in the multiplayer section of  halo wars 2 units  that it opens up to the fullest. Here it is clear that throughout the entire campaign, the Creative Assembly literally prepared players for battles with living people.

Figure in fact the same radial menu for the creation of buildings, troops and for the selection of the powers of the leader, which almost jars since you are not playing with a controller.

Halo returns to PC

The management of the camera via mouse and keyboard is already smoother than what is seen on Halo Wars Definitive Edition and the unit selection uses properly the pointer, creating a rectangle of selection of the desired size, as it should always be in a game like that.


The only real advantage of the halo wars 2 steam version at this point, in addition to 4K resolution and the unlocked frame rate is the ability to create up to ten custom groups, for faster management of their units. With selected troops, holding down the Shift key plus a number from 0 to 9 on our keyboard, we can assign our selection to that group, so that we can access it quickly.


Despite the same function on the Xbox, unfortunately limited only to the 4 directional pad keys, on PC is undoubtedly more effective and the clashes are much more thought out. While on console it is very easy to find yourself with a chaotic pile of colliding units, here it is easier to order and create real formations to displace our opponent. The gaming experience is good, fun, and with very fast rhythms that distinguish Halo Wars 2 compared to other already quieter games.


The gameplay remains absolutely unchanged, with the bases that present modules for the generation of resources and energy or for the development of troops chosen by infantry, vehicles and aircraft. The map control, therefore, is not based on taking a more resourceful area or building any fortifications.


The advantage is gained by controlling the various heights, perhaps placing snipers or units capable of hitting from long distances, building more possible bases, in order not to leave them in the enemy’s hand and have a more rapid production of resources and troops, or even blocking the passage of enemy troops interacting with bridges and controllable barriers prepared according to the chosen setting.


At the end of this paragraph,the halowars experience is satisfying, it detaches a lot from the other titles of its kind but it succeeds with determination in its objective , that is to be a strategy game in real time simple, intuitive and suitable for a wider slice of users and first weapons.