I was of Halo Wars on Xbox 360 in late 2009. Although I come to mind was only one mission from that game (and it seems to me, the problem is not my memory and most Halo Wars), I clearly remember my feelings from this RTS in the universe of the cult of the console first-person shooter. At that time, I was surprised by a large number of very beautiful spots (all in Russian!),

Relatively easy control with a gamepad and … almost complete sterility of Halo Wars. Expressionless, toothless, impersonal. It took more than seven years, and the experience of of Halo Wars 2 were almost the same. With the caveat that I played it on PC, but in Russian it only translated texts.

History of the series Halo seems to me very symbolic. Developers from Bungie has, the RTS authors vydyuschihsya tactical Myth and Myth 2 , planned to make a strategy, but ultimately created a shooter. Which then most other people have made in the strategy. For consoles.

The loss record wealth of game situations and the fundamental impossibility of normal microinspection in advantage – a huge audience of fans of Halo, which may, in principle, anyway, what to play.

What would happen if Halo (or Halo Wars) was just a tactical RTS for the keyboard and mouse? It could prove to be an outstanding game that would ignore the masses, and in 2017 about her would remember only the old-timers. How to Ground the Control. Or the same Myth.

But we will not dive headlong into the maelstrom of memories: a meeting of the club of unfulfilled hopes and Mug nursing visionaries declare closed.

Let us return to the harsh reality, to the unpretentious cards on which dizeynery beforehand marked out for us room for future bases and defensive turrets.

The base does not need to devote a lot of time, so that the construction micromanagement is reduced to almost zero. Less is no longer possible, it is less – it is simply removed from the game the concept base. And by the way, the authors of Halo Wars 2 come to this in the “Blitz” mode, but about it – later.

The base does not need to devote a lot of time, so that the construction micromanagement is reduced to almost zero. Less is no longer possible, it is less – it is simply removed from the game the concept base.

If you played the first Halo Wars, the second you will not be surprised by anything. Spartans harvesters or fishermen is not here, and all the decisions come down to how to dispose of dripping in the “treasury” resources.

Put together a huge army will not work: the limit of units seem to have increased, but to a large-scale slaughters people here skirmishes still far away.

Although all sorts of explosions and flashes of all full: I admit, it looks pretty Halo Wars 2, but the spirit of what is happening on the screen does not lock.

Nuances little bare minimum such as “take care of aircraft from air defense forces” and “protect the long-range guns from enemy forces.” Actually, the short campaign, which is a normal level of difficulty it takes about 6 hours, not just those involved that the whole way of the Old Testament teaches us the basics of RTS.

It seems to be considered normal, but there is a limit: in Halo Wars 2 the feeling of the infinite “tutorial” to accompany me from coming to an outcome, but in the same trilogy Starctaft 2  

Designers regularly something surprising. Throughout the game, I can not think of any really impressive job.

We must pay tribute to the Creative Assembly: mundane errands in the spirit of “destroy all the buildings of the enemy” is not here, and the lack of side quests, but ordinary “heroic” (ie, without the base) run and the defense of important objects from the hordes of enemies has long been difficult to regarded as something special. I am afraid to tell lies, but for 20 years or so like.

But surprisingly, the campaign story get so much more homely, though, it would seem … “Spirit of Fire”, whose team played in kriosne 28 years, hovered over the abode Taldaram …

I mean, I’m sorry, renegades Covenant. Renegades of such a powerful and dangerous that we had to have never heard even able to thrash this is the Covenant and is now threatened, as it should in such cases, humanity, and maybe even the entire galaxy.

And the funny thing in this story that begins she somehow completely banal way, and actually ends up with nothing.