Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator reached the European region in June, bringing many improvements compared to its predecessor.

In addition to changes in the schedule and the combat system, which are explained in our preview, fighting game boasts a new implementation of online multiplayer and training, an interesting continuation of the plot Guilty Gear Xrd: Sign and a number of additions to the various modes. In July, for the Revelator came to upgrade to version 1.03, which changes the balance and adding the first DLC-character – Dizzy.

When his debut start, and you select any “battle” mode, the game offers gently pass the “Education”. Guilty Gear – a rather complicated series for beginners with heavy mechanics. It is therefore easy to understand the basics of feeding is so important – Revelator in this regard did not disappoint.

In contrast to the long and tedious explanations of everything, as it was in the Sign, training Revelator more like a collection of mini-games, where before we put the trivial, and sometimes not much problem, incidentally explains the basics of the game and other nuances of its system .

For example, to get comfortable with the movement, Arc System Works requires the player to go through the balloons, breaking the many obstacles; or one more task – to block a blow from the EP, in order to learn how to make “block” and that such “punishment”.

Review of Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator


Another innovation in the Revelator – Stylish Mode. You are free to activate it after selecting a character. It provides an opportunity to do “speshely” one button, and perform the “combo” by alternately pressing any buttons. Let Stylish Mode, and is not suitable for serious study of the game, but to “poke and hang out” or superficially acquainted with the fighter – is quite amiss.

In comparison to the console version of the arcade game has got three new characters. One of them, Raven, opens in-game currency, and Kum Heyhon and Dizzy bought as DLC.

Dizzy should be familiar to fans of the previous parts, it “geymplan” is based on holding the enemy at a distance due to mobility and the use of different “projectiles”, with which it can start playing more aggressively.


Review of Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator

Online, as I said above, Revelator paid much attention. After selecting a region, we find ourselves in the lobby. Unlike Sign it is made in 3D, and navigation in it became an order of magnitude more comfortable. For example, pressing the «Start» and «Home», you can bring up the main menu and select any other mode, so to speak, on the spot.

The very same lobby offers several opportunities bout search with potential adversaries. For example, allowed to sit for one of the presented arcade and fast to play the match with another player, you can create or find a separate room or include a background search rank of the match and go do other things, for example, fish in a small pond in the center of the lobby.

For in-game currency «W $», earned by the passage, you can catch a different content from the gallery: icons, music, pictures, Additional colors for the characters and even the Raven. In addition, fishing “fraught” with unique content such as the system of voices many of the characters or Sign heads and flowers on the avatar in the lobby.

Unfortunately, recycled lobby has a couple of drawbacks. To begin with, “matchfaynder” and search rooms work pretty unstable. Sometimes it is impossible to find a room in his players, even the lobby of the unique identifier of the room itself.

On PS4 also can not invite friends into the room, which complicates the situation. On the other hand, no one stops to beat just around the arcades in the lobby, but in this case you do not know what the quality of the connection (no indicator). As to the network code, then it is good. However, it is typical for all fighting games Arc System Works.