The review of Bridge Constructor Portal

 Bridge Constructor Portal review

Since 2013, ClockStone launches puzzle games based on an extremely simple but effective concept, also because well implemented, focused on being able to make vehicles go from point A to point B, building bridges based on a realistic physical engine, for let them pass over the inevitable chasms that separate them from the goal.


The series includes, in order of output, Bridge Constructor, Bridge Constructor Playground, Bridge Constructor Medieval and Bridge Constructor Stunts, which also show the progressive attempt to amortize the too serious impact of the theme addressed, so as to try to reach a wider audience .


However, although it is not listed among the most famous of the videogame industry, it must be said that the Bridge Constructor series has a good number of fans, as shown by the sales of some chapters (the first has placed almost 300,000 copies in total).


This is to say that ClockStone, however small, is not a software house formed by amateurs to the brunt, but one with its own pedigree, even if it has chosen to specialize and go to satisfy only a certain niche of gamers.The jump, if we want to call it that, was done with Bridge Constructor Portal, which, having a famous license, has suddenly made discover the magic of building bridges to a wider public, causing a lot of controversy.


By now announcing something related to an intellectual property of Valve means going to clash with all those disappointed who would like to see Gabe and partners return to make traditional videogames, as are the two Portal, rightly put by many among the absolute masterpieces of our industry.


The right recriminations should not however go to undermine the work of those who have nothing to do with the whole business, which must not end up paying for the choices made by others …also because Bridge Constructor Portal is a more than decent title and made with great intelligence.

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The Bridge Constructor Portal gameplay is essentially focused on the simple mechanics described at the beginning of the previous paragraph, with some news compared to the other titles in the series, what do you guess what they are? Already, as in the original Portal


Here too there are portals that function as a link to distant points in space. It is a feature that complicates life, even if you are a builder of expert bridges, especially when trying to complete the game 100%. Each level is in fact passed in two ways: first you have to be able to pass a single vehicle, then a whole caravan.

The Bridge Constructor Portal review

The first solution allows you to advance to the next level, but only the second allows you to really complete all the objectives. Obviously, the transit of a caravan involves having to face advanced problems.


For example, a bridge capable of supporting a single machine may not be able to support it more; or, a cross jump could prove to be a lethal trap when alternatively driven by multiple vehicles. In short, the sixty levels are largely redone twice, with the advanced ones requiring deep revisions between the basic and advanced solutions.

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But how are bridges built? Easy: first you have to place the platforms, possibly in the right places, then touch them with rods or with supports built using other structures.


Quiet, because in the first levels GlaDOS accurately explains all the basic concepts necessary to play, giving us some advice.This does not mean that soon we are faced with puzzles that require a lot ‘of reflection, especially when we need to consider the presence of advanced obstacles such as a large number of cross-portals in bridge constructor portal ps4, the classic and ruthless towers or propulsion gels (those seen in Portal 2).

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