Guess who’s coming to dinner

 Resident Evil 7 review


Who should be anxious to return a bit ‘in the house of the Baker can indeed buy a few days Confidential Films Vol.1, provided however to be in possession of a PlayStation 4. The resident evil 7 dlc has in fact landed on the console exclusively Sony license plate time, before seeing the light even on PC and Xbox One on 21 February.


It is also the first of the three contents included in the Season Pass, along with Confidential Films Vol.2, coming soon, and to another package on which, however, at the moment we do not know much. A little more than a week after the game’s release, we then got back our courage and soul, going to that of Dulvey to continue to face Micomorfi and go to dinner with the dear Marguerite. Let’s find out how it went!

A dinner with Marguerite and Micomorfi not to end in Confidential Films Vol.1, DLC of Resident Evil 7


As the name of the package suggests, the contents of Confidential Films Vol.1 are presented in the form of VHS videocassettes, similar to those collected by Ethan Winters in the main mode of Resident Evil 7. In both cases the protagonist of the game is however put by part to put in the shoes of Clancy, the cameraman of the television show “Sewer Gators” already known on other occasions.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

So we learn some other fragment of what happened before the arrival of Ethan in Louisiana, starting with the first mode of confidential video Vol.1 entitled Nightmare.


The setting is the basement of the Baker’s house, also already seen in  resident evil 7 ps4, where the protagonist is called to make his way through waves of enemies, waiting for the dawn to come. It is therefore a mode strictly devoted to action, derived from the type “Horde”


and punctuated specifically by the passage of time inside the basement. Faster and stronger Micomorphs alternate in order to hunt for Clancy, who can count on an arsenal composed of most of the weapons seen in Resident Evil 7, plus some enhancements that can allow him to assert himself against a number of opponents so nurtured.


To purchase equipment items, however, you must collect the materials that are distributed by the compactors in the area, thus forcing the player to move between the rooms on the map instead of standing in one place waiting for the enemies to arrive. Traps, turrets and other elements come to our aid as we try to do the task, facing a gameplay without doubt rewarding.


The desire to fight against other Micomorphs was in fact among the feelings we had left after completing  resident evil 7 vr during review, and from this point of view Nightmare falls like the cheese on macaroni. 


Among limited resources, claustrophobic environments and enemies in droves, this mode can also be seen as an answer offered to those who had accused the game of being too easy in normal mode, given the hard way that is able to give even more players navigated. The level of longevity is also good.

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