Folk Ballad Returns: Disney Robin Hood Remake Launched

Company Disney began work on a remake of the 1973 animated film “Robin the Hood“. The script is written by Kari Granlund, who was responsible for last year’s film “Lady and the Tramp” for the streaming service Disney +.

The director of the new version will be Carlos Lopez Estrada, noted for the production of the film “Blind Spot”, and also shot one of the episodes of the series “Legion”.

The original picture was a comedic version of the famous fairy tale, where the main roles were played by animals. For example, Robin was a fox, Little John was a bear, Brother Took shone in the shape of a badger, and Prince John, who constantly sucked his thumb, a lion, the Nottingham sheriff was a wolf, and Maid Marian a fox.

One of the songs of the musical comedy about animals, Love, was nominated for an Oscar, and the other, Oo De Lally, became very popular.

According to rumors, the new version will be a musical and will again talk about anthropomorphic characters, this time in a hybrid format – the authors will combine live shooting and CG.

The deal took place before the closure of Hollywood quarantine in March of this year. The project is at an early stage of development. Remake of “Robin Hood” will be released exclusively in the streaming service Disney +.

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