Resident Evil 7: Unpublished recordings Vol. 2

Resident Evil 7 has received two downloadable content packages so far. The last of them, Unpublished Recordings Vol. 2, breaks with what many would expect in what downloadable content of the saga is concerned. New contents on the history that revolves

around the disgrace of the Baker and a more arcade cut proposal are the contents that we will find in this pack. No trace, for now, of the classic mercenary mode that arrived sooner rather than later in DLCs from previous installments.

Daughters, a history DLC that explains the origin of the Baker

“Daughters” will be the most important part of the collection of unpublished recordings. In this “tape” we will take control of Zoe, who comes to show us the origin of the Baker family and its transformation in what we have found in the main campaign of


Resident Evil 7. The strong point of Daughters without a doubt is the setting and the feeling of claustrophobia that the


first bars of the game produce, among other things because they are not armed with a large arsenal. In fact, the only thing that we will have in all the content is a lighter and the different objects that we will find and use on the stage.

Resident Evil 7 - Unpublished Recordings Vol. 2 (PC) screenshot

Another element that works quite well is the use of stealth , of which we are already accustomed to having completed the main game (of course avoid playing the DLC until you have completed the game so as not to run into the destripes of the story).


We will not have weapons and the only thing that we can use is our ingenuity and trial and error: if we see that one thing does not work, try a different one, use another path and try again, but always in the shadows. of the Baker family approach us, we will not have what to defend ourselves with.

Daughters lasts little, no more than half an hour of play. To make a comparison, we could say that it contributes the same as some of the


tapes we found during the main story, although it is true that it has some surprises that invite us to replay it again. Beyond its duration, in Capcom they have decided to contribute several story elements during this content that offer context


about what happened in the Baker house before the arrival of Ethan, which will be appreciated by the users who have most enjoyed the plot. As far as


game mechanics are concerned, the DLC proposes a playable development based exclusively on the puzzles as it happened in the demo that we


received from the game months before its departure. Find objects, know how to use them and progress. Or make mistakes and die trying.

Resident Evil 7 - Unpublished Recordings Vol. 2 (PC) screenshot

In 21 Luke will put us to the test in a game of life and death

” 21 ” is the second of the tapes that we can find in unpublished recordings Vol. 2. In this DLC we will control Clancy , the chamber of the Cayman of the cloaca. The interesting thing about this mini plot is that we will not be free to move around the stage since we are in a machine that prevents us from moving.

During this journey we can see how Clancy wakes up in front of another man with a bag in his head from which we know his name: Hoffman.


At that moment appears Lucas, the son of the Baker, and gives us a clear message: If we want to survive we have to play. Lucas’ games are never nice


so you can already get to the idea of ​​what can happen if we lose. The important thing here is that to survive this torture game we will have to master a card game .

Resident Evil 7 - Unpublished Recordings Vol. 2 (PC) screenshot

The tape is called “21” by the game of the same name, is a card game in which our goal is to reach the sum of 21 points with the letters we are asking. If we go over 21 or our opponent is closer to the number than us, we will lose. We will always have one


of our cards face down so we can always go bluffing, but we must be very careful because Lucas changes the rules every time we overcome a phase.


We can also use wildcards that give us advantages or disadvantages to Hoffman because there will come a time when it will become a life or death struggle.

The grace of this film, in addition to showing us the torments that Clancy goes through before his fate in the game is that it works like a Mini game and


although it may seem simple , it is really fun . In addition as we play we can unlock new game modes which makes the content rejugable and each game will always be different.