Gran Turismo Sport, our impressions on Beta

Passion car
Starting the beta you will not be able to notice the style of the main menu: on the one hand this is a real joy for the eyes, which perfects the beauty of the cars shown, on the other hand there is a sacrifice of intuition, with different options available in the menus hidden between several clicks.
The goal of Polyphonyhas always been to try to represent in the best way the car as such, as an object not only to be used but also to admire; so it is not surprising that narration through different frames of the history of the various car makers, treated by real diving of this title. And if your heart also has 4 wheels, you can not miss the Panorama mode, where we can make a collage of our cars in photos and improvise photographs, taking advantage of all the filters at our disposal to get the best result possible; we will not deny that we have missed so much time behind this feature, which has caught us right away.
Gran Turismo Sport, our impressions on Beta
The guide is my sport
It is also offered a taste of the “campaign”, although we feel it is inappropriate to call it this way as there will be no personal progression of the car park or the like: it is “only” a series of challenges from the simplest to the most demanding, which act as great tutorials for both beginners and experienced drivers.
There are, of course, other classic single player modes, including the ability to play in 2 with a shared screen, and the online mode, called Sport.
Online we can sign up for one of the various daily races available in different slot times, and before the time comes to race seriously we will have the chance to test on the track at any time; the servers, though still a beta, endured the cargo and the matchmaking seems to work discreetly, promising to race at each player’s level and trying to promote a proper driving style not to spoil the experience with the other riders and that, in turn, will earn more points even to the players themselves.
In the demo we can only use 8 different types of cars with different characteristics (we can switch from the BMW M4 Coupé to the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Final Edition): An intelligent and well-made method to show the user the various available speed ranges and to test in every possible way. By successfully completing the races we will also be rewarded with credits, miles points (to swap in a special store to get exclusive vehicles and items) and experience points; there are also several achievements to accomplish to get even more bonuses.
Gran Turismo Sport, our impressions on Beta
The thrill of speed
It is then possible to compete on as many slopes carefully chosen to be different from one another and with varying difficulty coefficients: from the very simple (and even repetitive) oval track to other curved circuits where it is necessary to have learned all the basics of the guide. We can also choose what time to compete, with the relative weather conditions, as cloudy or sunny skies. There is therefore no total personalization of the weather, or even the chance to have it casual.