Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Having received the necessary confirmation that the game will not be postponed further , we first asked if IGA was able to come up with ideas that it has never been able to bring to the bottom: one of them is Bloodless, final demo boss we’ve tried, a longtime character imagined by the Japanese designer who can finally get life inside Bloodstained , with his style so peculiar and eye-catching. ” There’s a lot more, but at the moment I can not talk about it, but yes, Bloodstained has made me realize so many ideas I had in mind .”
Questo anche grazie all’enorme successo della campagna Kickstarter, il cui obiettivo era stato impostato inizialmente a 500 mila dollari e finito invece con l’accumulare undici volte tanto, traguardo che ha permesso a IGA di perfezionare molti aspetti e di approdare anche su Switch, ma che innanzitutto ha lasciato sbalordito lo stesso Igarashi e il suo team: “Non ci aspettavamo granché, ai tempi Kickstarter e i videogiochi non erano il fenomeno che sono adesso e non potevamo immaginare un così grande successo, è stata davvero una sorpresa“.
One of the main reasons behind the delay was linked to one of the goals of the Kickstarter campaign, which is the version for Nintendo Switch, which had to run on a different engine (not supporting the Unreal Engine 4) had to undergo a parallel development to the main one, hindered, among other things, by the complexity of having to work on a platform never before seen, even fearing “future difficulties ” to make the game play identical to the other versions.
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
Turning to the good news, IGA wanted to reassure the breadth of the title, which, although it will mainly take part in the castle, will feature over 1600 screens rich in objects, enemies, platforms and secret passages. we were able to appreciate ourselves during the demo, succeeding in reaching a far cry from jumping on the flying enemies and running in the air with a timely little bit challenging.
All this will be available already in the game’s main release, but are not excluded from additional content that may go to enrich the experience after the release, as anticipated in the Kickstarter campaign: “We want to focus on completing the main game as soon as possible, we have some ideas for DLC but we will think about it after the release . “
Also confirmed by David Hayter , a historic voice actor who has given voice to the various Snake in the Metal Gear series, which will certainly play a role in the game but it has not yet been decided which: more than rosy news for those who have always appreciated the performance of the US ambassador in the Konami saga, then replaced in the last title of the best-selling Kojima by Kiefer Sutherland.
The most beautiful reminder of this interview is certainly the eyes full of enthusiasm and hopes of the entire team of Igarashi , a group who firmly believed in such a crazy idea to prove to be extremely successful. The game promises good, the graphic style is captivating and the gameplay introduces some worthy of the maturity that this gaming generation deserves, joining the old school charm to modern mechanics.