Hyper Light Drifter

It’s loneliness at its best, and that’s what makes Hyper Light Drifter such a special video game. One that you will love most of the time, becaus


e we talk about a great action adventure halfway between the classic The Legend of Zelda and the popular Souls saga from Software, but that can also get to despair the most painted due to certain decisions of design that really make you feel lost … an


d not in a good way; that at times you do not know what to do or where to go. It is not something that per se seems wrong, rather we like the idea, but not like that.


Its labyrinth level design and the lack of clear indications on a map that seems to be there of decoration and little else are a barrier that not e


veryone will be willing to overcome. And it is a real pity. Going into the post-apocalyptic world that recreates this work of the independent studio Heart Machine is an incredible experience, of those that leave their mark. For many reaso


ns, too! The most obvious, it is obvious, it has to do with its masterful artistic section , not only because it is beautiful, that it is and a lot,


but also because it is the main culprit that we want to explore.with an unusual passion every corner of Hyper Light Drifter. The trip can be done very uphill, go yes, but the spirit to discover a new scenario, or just face a more fearsome monster than the previous one will encourage us to move forward.




Curiously, two emotions that are totally opposed clash here. Before the pleasure of exploring the vast open worldwith total freedomto which Hyper Light Drifter gives life, we also find ourselves with the frustration derived from not knowi

ng in many cases what to do or where to go. You will travel again and again all the dungeons that you find in your way; you will look d
esperately for the precious purple gems necessary to access the chief of turn without much success. “He’s supposed to be here!” You will scream when you take a look at the map. And yes, there it must be, but the clues offered are so cryptic that sincerely the map has little use. It does not even register places of interest to which to return later when you have enough keys to open secret doors and so on. There are already lots of them.


Hyper Light Drifter analysis

On an artistic level Hyper Light Drifter is a fantastic video game that gives off great personality. And what about music? The author of the soundtrack of Fez runs a work of ten here.

The problem is not so much the lack of clues as the confusing design of some dungeons, which hide their best secrets behind false walls – of those that can be traversed – and other elements of the style that can easily be overlooked. “Could you go


through those trees?” You will exclaim in relief as you discover the path to salvation. It sounds worse than it really is, it’s true, because if you pay attention to the elements that surround you, you will successfully overcome the many challenges posed by Hyper Light Drifter; but it is also true that there have been people who have lowered their arms and desisted in their attempt to complete the work. And it is, as we said, a real pity.


Hyper Light Drifter PC

It’s loneliness at its best, and that’s what makes Hyper Light Drifter such a special video game

Although we love the feeling of being lost in a world as sad and beautiful as the one that recreates the Heart Machine team, they have gone from being enigmatic, unnecessarily increasing the difficulty of a video game that is already hard enough

due to the forcefulness with which the monsters that will cross our path attack. And we insist. That freedom, that is cryptic in the tracks, or that the enemies remain very healthy with each stroke are not negative aspects by themselves; but in this particular case they do not do much good either.


If you look at the matches , they surprise you because of their great pace of action. You hit with the sword, dodge and then shoot with the firearms. So again and again, measuring the forces against rivals that will not be quiet for a second. They will attack from a distance, they will attack with all their strength, and they will even use traps arranged by the stag


e to end your life. And they will, will they? In line with the Souls saga, dying in Hyper Light Drifter is very easy. A couple of blows are en


ough to fall at your feet. Which we love, although we also understand that there is someone who frustrates such difficulty. Because here we talk about the henchmen, that if we stop talking about the jefazos… they are a brutal challenge! An exciting and epic, as it could not be otherwise, but also exasperating for those with little patience.


Hyper Light Drifter PC

Hyper Light Drifter

Deciphering the map, trying to understand where things are, is one of the worst aspects of the game. It goes from cryptic! And that is not always good.

To deal with these challenges you can acquire improvements of skill and skills with the sword using some gold plates that will have to be previously located in the scenarios. As you can see, another element that shows how exploration is everything in this video game. We also like the approach that has been given to firearms. Its damage capacity is brutal, bu


t the ammunition is quite limited and we will only regenerate it by hitting the enemy body to body. There is therefore strategy in the fighting. It is not worth to charge desperately and then vanish using the dodge movement. Its use is al


so limited and rivals will know how to put us on the ropes. So much “Hyper” that takes the game in his name, this is not an action adventure as frenetic as you would expect. We think it’s great.


We already said it before. We are facing a very special work that wastes quality from all its pores. From the beauty of its pixel art graphics , to the strength of its soundtrack composed by the author of Fez or the film It Follows, Disaster


paece , which returns to sign a work worthy of praise; going through the hardness of the combats, the design of the jefazos, or the enigmatic sta


ging of the game. Despite being a hard nut to crack, Hyper Light Drifter is a high quality action adventure that is worth trying. There are details and good ideas that have not been reflected with all the expected success, but they are minutiae compared to the good times that will make you pass the game.