Goodbye Deponia

“Let’s leave it in a ‘see you later’
It is difficult, either in a series of books, games or movies, to say goodbye to a character that you have taken care of, along with that you have lived an experience full of humor, action, its ‘tender’ moments and so on. Symptom that a studio has done its job well, it has cost us to say goodbye to that gift, to that selfish antihero, paragon of (des) virtues and walking disaster that is


Rufus, the protagonist of Deponia, a complete experience that its creators, the German Daedalic studio -now the authentic standard-bearers of the traditional Graphic Adventure, throwing one marvel after another like the most recent The Night of the Rabbit or the second installment of The Dark Eye, Memory- decided to split into three games, but that is like for example sitting down to read / see The Lord of the Rings,

More than a year ago, in September 2012, we set foot in the land of Deponia, a trash-planet that by chance and fate – and Rufus’s gaffe – begins to attract more attention than it should.


A discarding script, with hilarious situations and a dub that almost became the best of the year courtesy of FX delivered a game whose few ‘buts’ were that it was short-but had its good 10 hours-and that it ended too abruptly, symptom of having split a story at the last moment due to its extension, although we would not have made him ascorrelated precisely to an adventure that would have lasted 30 hours. Just a month and a half later, i


n November 2012, we were able to continue the story with a second part that increased the chaos, the challenge in the puzzles and the sense of humor – that of Goal in triplicate was a genius of a script. Bigger, funnier, better cohesive, more surreal, more satirical, more destructive, Chaos in Deponia left us in full Cliffhanger with the doors open to its conclusion, which has been expected a whole year unfortunately.

Goodbye Deponia (PC) screenshot

“You are leaving Deponia”
We are going to spend a bit on tiptoe for what is the story, as it would mean revealing details of the plot that the series has been brewing since the first game. Let’s just say that Rufus and his love Goal, along with other companions, continue on their way to Elysium, that ideal and perfect society of eternal happiness – like the one we saw this summer in cinemas in the successful and violent Elysiumby Neill Blomkamp. And those in the Elysium want to go to Utopia.


But the planet-junkyard Deponia gets in the way. After two deliveries and about 20 hours of play, both the plot and the main and secondary characters and the path that some have taken / forced them to take, have increased considerably from that dump with pretense of escaping Deponia who was the first Rufus we met, so there are several open threads that manages his script.