God of War

Unfortunately, during this E3 2017 we have not seen much again with respect to this element, except that Atreus will be an important part of this new trip to Kratos. Father and son (apparently not natural) will work together in the game, and Atreus will not be a hindrance, but it will be very useful, especially as regards the translation of the dialect of the area that the fiendish warrior does not know. In this regard, game director Cory Barlog said: “Kratos and his son work together and Atreus is not a burden, for all the game continues to translate. Whenever you find a law written on the wall, you will eventually become I realize that the son is not a weight: when he improves he is almost proud of him. “In addition, in some parts of the Atreus game he can be controlled by the player, and will be able to learn new skills in turn. We had seen a glimpse of this aspect in the very first reveal, when the boy helped Kratos fight the huge beast, unfortunately, failing to be effective.

Also interesting is the re-reading of the protagonist. We have seen Sparta’s Ghost ever more humane, ready to even put a hand on the boy’s shoulder (not failing) to console him for his first killing, a majestic deer. Kratos will always be a God, but now he is also a father (putative or not), and a man aware of having a slight problem with anger.

The idea is that Kratos knows he is a slave to this feeling, adding that he can not die now. Barlog always defines the character within a path of change, in which the warrior will try to change to be a different man, better. If the rouge of the previous chapters was the anger and vengeance of revenge, now Kratos must learn to master the anger, while at the same time teaching Atreus to control the thirst for blood that begins to hold the mind of this young and inexperienced fighter. A personal question About fighting, the first question more than lawful about this new God of War

God of War

it’s just about the combat system. Such an “emotional” game could bring the belligerence to the fore, but in the sequence shown at E3 2017, we had the confirmation that, even if it was less caciarone, Kratos is always one with whom we do not have to argue.

Obviously the fight will be different from the past because, just to make a first obvious example, the camera is positioned behind the protagonist.Clashes will give more freedom to the player than the previous episodes, which were centered on fairly linear progression. Kratos’s ax, which reminds a little of Thor’s hammer, can be used to break down the enemy or launch it to slow others away, as it will return to the hero. The camera close-up, as far as I am concerned, gives the action even more dynamism, making it more alive because it is closer to the eyes of the player. This, coupled with the return of the iconic quick time events to highlight the most spectacular moments, gives a sensationally satisfying sensation, definitively wiping out any doubt about the choreographic aspect of God of War fights .

There will always be the possibility of using various weapons, but also a shield, while Atreus will have an arch always available. Among the elements that come back from the past is the progression of weapons and equipment that, in yet unknown ways, will be potentiated both in effectiveness and in new skills and “moves” offered to the player.

We spoke of the anger that, despite the new emotional attitudes in narrative terms, is always a good element in the gaming system. In the previous chapters, the Rage Meter was filled by ringing combo on combo and destroying enemies in the most brutal and bloody way possible.


The situation is now slightly different, going to embrace the fluid change in Kratos’s psychology over his “behavioral” problem, so to speak. InGod of War , when the Rage Meter is active, the Spartan can attack the enemy at any time by grabbing it, thus beginning a close combat where, through the use of QTEs, Kratos can inflict huge damage to the opponent, even killing him in case. We might say that the perspective changes with respect to the Rage Meter, with a greater awareness given to the player, who will have to handle anger (just like his virtual avatar) to avoid being left alone at the time of need.