SIE San Diego Studio jobs hinted at developing an unannounced first-person shooter for the PlayStation 5

Command SIE San Diego Studio best known for games of the line MLB The Show. It is not surprising that almost all studio vacancies in one way or another refer precisely to this series, however, one of them stands out from the others and may serve as a hint at developing an unannounced first-person shooter.

In one of the posted on the site LinkedIn Sony San Diego Studio’s Employment Announcement Users noticed an interesting thing. The vacancy opened yesterday for the position of a gameplay programmer contains, among other things, information about the desired skills of the applicant, where the development of first-person shooters is mentioned as a separate paragraph. The text of the vacancy also states that the area of ​​specialization of the future employee includes online subsystems, artificial intelligence, gameplay and multiplayer. The secret project seems to be being created (or will be created) on Unreal engine 4 for Playstation 5.

In this regard, the question arises, why did the team, all of whose recent projects were baseball simulators, need a person whose knowledge base takes into account the development of first-person shooters? Alternatively, the studio may be involved in creating the project of another team – SIE San Diego Studio has already had such an experience in the past.

Current generation Sony didn’t pamper us with first-person shooters – released Killzone: shadow fall at the start of the PS4 and a few more titles for PSVR, but that’s all. Possibly with launch Playstation 5 the company decided to pay more attention to the genre. In addition, there were already hints of this.

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