God Eater 2: Rage Burst

The world of Action RPG dedicated to hunting enemies in the Monster Hunter style is full of options. The saga of Capcom has created school in an irremediable way, and there are many who with more or less similarities have signed up for this format of action, upload statistics, dozens of missions and cooperative. Names like Toukiden or Sword Art Online have their Monster Hunter part inside, as with the game we are dealing with: God Eater 2: Rage Burst.


The title developed by Shift and published by Bandai Namco comes to Playstation 4, PS Vita and PC as a revision of the origianl delivery (also on Vita and on PSP)

How to Survive 2


that came out only in Japan in 2013. Another way to hunt down all kinds of monsters, with their own virtues and defects shared with games of the same essence.

We are not talking about any saga, not at least in Japan. The original title for PSP and Vita debuted in Japanese territory exceeding in sales to Call of Duty Ghost and PES 2014,and received very high grades in the country’s media.


The formula is a guarantee of success in the country of the rising sun, of that there is no doubt, but something must hide this sequel to God Eater. The current version that arrives in Europe for the first time offers basically the same thing we saw on


laptops a couple of years ago, with some interesting additions. On the one hand we have a pack of exclusive missions that allow us to enjoy dozens of new confrontations, including survival format with waves without recovery of life to give more emotion to the matter.


To this is added the “Fury of Blood”, a mechanic that enhances our abilities during a specific time. And most importantly, more content of the story mode that follows the steps of Julius, one of the protagonists. In any case, being the first time he arrives in Europe,

God Eater 2: Rage Burst (PC) screenshot

And it is there where GE2RB manages to shine at times thanks to a formula that does not reinvent anything or revolutionize, but that knows how to


play its cards very well and does not deceive anyone. The story places us in the middle of the Blood faction, a group of fighters that ends with the demonic monsters called Aragami and that appear on earth to exterminate


everything. After an editor where we customize our protagonist (with features clearly marked by the Japanese anime and similar to other games such as SAO), the plot begins in which we make a compatibility test to be part of Blood. And it comes out positive, so after a short tutorial we can go hunting.

The control system works in the following way. Our hero has a celestial weapon that is attached to his body and that has two forms: melee and


weapon at a distance. In the first phase we have two types of hits, fast and strong, the possibility of jumping, a dash that can be done in any direction we want, to be able to walk a shield, mark enemies and move freely in any direction as good game of action in the third person. Pressing a single button we go to the firearms, which consume an energy


bar that is recharged hitting melee and that allows us to fire several types of ammunition. The combination of attacks is one of its virtues, as is the available weapons: swords, broadswords, katanas, spears, A scythe or a huge hammer are available to start each one


with their sequences, damage and other peculiarities. The same goes for firearms with different cadences and type of arsenal. Other peculiarities are the possibility of devouring enemies from our weapon to get extra items orBlood Arts , special skills that serve to crush monsters at specific times and that are only used once per mission.