In the English language is an expression of «writer’s block», ie “writer stupor.” This is when you sit down to create a high, but in the end you can not squeeze out a letter: drink coffee, whiskey massiruesh, sad sigh.

And so, hour after hour. Review of Evolve – this is the case. As long as you hunt monsters – sawest trails lure him to the mines fleeing companions – you clearly understand why the fuss so fascinated. But then you come out of the game and sets a terrible question – and what it actually good?

I honestly can not think of a reason to return to the gray-brown Width (not the one with the hobbits, and the alien, monsters Goliaths). Well, Evolve is not for everyone, and I even like it.

The game requires teamwork (ie friends mandatory) and an understanding of how everything works.

And it is unusually good, because in conventional Battlefield and Call of Duty you instinctively know where to shoot – affects many years of experience.

Here you will learn the characters skills to delve into the features of mechanics, to take into account environmental factors. Evolve gives new sensations, contrary to what I received from last year’s Alien: Isolation – there in the corner drove me here – I am.

Imagine the “Predator” in which Arnold Schwarzenegger once smeared with mud and with the team set off for the alien reptile. That’s about it and you will be engaged in the new shooter from the authors of Left Dead 4 .

As long as you hunt monsters, you clearly understand why the fuss so fascinated. But then you come out of the game and sets a terrible question – and what it actually good?

“Kanobu” playing Evolve: is it worth your money?

If the enemy is skillful enough, you join with him in an intellectual battle: waiting for the first error, are coordinating associates.

Often, team-Spike in military shout – everyone has a role here. Sturmovik activate shield and distracting the monster itself, the physician is hiding and sees to it that the “tank” was not killed. Trapper tries to cover the creature energy shield, and support – to make a monster missile strike ( “support service” – the most boring class in the game, but sometimes it helps).

For the main monster otozhratsya, evolve and somehow surreptitiously break safari lovers. Rapid contractions “cat and mouse” all over the map (that you’re a monster, it is up to you), kicks from the triggered tactics – it makes marvel at the game.

Authors Evolve issue at hand the tools necessary to make the hunt for a truly intense and dynamic. That’s just use these tools is not all.

Review of Evolve.  Game Review - Image 3
Review of Evolve.  Game Review - Image 4
Godzilla in action!

Review of Evolve.  Game Review - Image 5

Inept monster can ruin a game, silly companions broadcast in Klingon – too. If the planets are not aligned in a row, you are 5 minutes wasted wind circles on a large map in search of Goliath. Hey, where to click to make it fun ?!

In this case, for the soul at Evolve beyond these dogonyalok did not. Boring single player (not the story campaign, a mission with job training), “designer” to play with friends and, actually,

“Fight”, where the monster fights with ordinary hunters, that’s all. Whatever may be the cheerful bustle and Goliath, she tired too fast – do not switch it on.

Hence my “writer’s stupor.” On the one hand, Turtle Rock Studios has taken a step in the direction of relative to other games of the genre, and it is commendable – and boldly. On the other, one original idea is not pulled out the entire project, even Evolve and get extremely original.

However, the authors bring the money because they did play with the concept of “four against one,” karmically wrong. So if in doubt, wait until the sales – Evolve under certain conditions can become your personal network shooter of the year.