Gigantic tries to rewrite the rules of the MOBA

After a few months of testing, however, Chris must have realized that things worked better without those huge beasts clogging the lines of shooting and from there he decided to change the perspective substantially, turning Gigantic into a hybrid between MOBA and shooters.


The PvE battles disappeared, so the arenas remained and two teams of five players competed for the win, a change in the race that actually slowed down the development, moving the delivery deadline a long time. Meanwhile Motiga was looking for business partners and the decision to develop the title as exclusive Microsoft brought unexpected problems, and the game risked to


end up in the air several times, at least until Perfect World acquires intellectual property by pouring into the casse of Motiga sufficient money to continue development. Today Gigantic has finally arrived on Xbox One and PC, and we are therefore ready to evaluate it in its full version.

Gigantic tries to rewrite the rules of the MOBA


Gigantic is halfway between an arena shooter and a MOBA as we said. Five players per team have the task to attack and kill the guardian of the opposing team and all this while trying to slaughter at the center of the few, but well-structured, arenas available.


The third-person view, which unites SMITE’s most popular title with League of Legends or Heroes of the Storm, implies that players will have to pull out their best aim both to hit opponents and to use Skills and Skills. Many of the characters present are great hitters at a distance while there are still a few support heroes based mainly on care and shields.


It is something that frankly we have appreciated and, even if they do their duty when coordinated with the rest of the team, it is difficult to feel the lack of a curator if this is not in the group, thanks to the hybridization of the classes. Voden, for example,


is a kind of horned fox armed with a bow that can cause moderate damage to the distance and poison enemies, but also has two healing potions to keep the party alive.

Gigantic tries to rewrite the rules of the MOBA

However, there is no cure capable of revolutionizing a fight as much as facilitating recovery immediately after a fight or giving that little protection necessary to survive. So far as we have seen, the true balance, therefore, makes it the coordination with the first-line classes, often capable of repelling shots and bullets and being of greater help to the group.


The limitation of care on Gigantic is most likely due to the possibility of evoking on the field huge creatures with different characteristics. In some specific areas of the map, by spending the Focus, you can recall beings that reveal invisible enemies, which modify the accesses to the various areas of the map, which inflict damage to the area or that, precisely, are able to cure the neighboring characters.



The brute force on Gigantic is of no use to anything unless it is supported by a good strategy. Each game is divided into phases, each of which provides that one of the team is able to fill before the opposing team the power bar to launch their attack.


Every action performed successfully during the match, whether it is gathering energy at checkpoints or killing, contributes to the accumulation of power, making each round particularly intense and giving the team a disadvantage to almost always recover the situation. Once the bar is filled, your guardian will start attacking by knocking down the


opponent’s giant and exposing him to the only weak point by which to inflict a wound, then repeating the process until the three total lives are removed. It is at this moment that the clash comes alive and the action is crackling exalting the player and, in an e-sport, even the public that follows the clash.