Full Throttle Remastered

The new format that solved the problem of the increasingly abundant 3 and 1/4 discs allowed to create larger sprites, more complex animations, digital soundtrack and voices throughout the adventure. This is the giant step I was referring to, but along the way many terms were also simplified with which not all players agreed. The system of


verbs was changed by a wheel with actions that reduced everything to look, talk, interact and kick, keeping a bare inventory. This, added to the elimination of “pixel hunting”, with a system that clearly highlighted the interactive objects of the scenario, gave rise to many criticisms for the simplicity of the possible combinations for the player.


In the end, it was the path chosen by LucasArts that had already begun with Sam & Max , betting on a more visual style that escaped little by little and timidly from the verb system, while experimenting with another idea that tried to add somethin

g from action to adventure: minigames where we could fight with bikers on the road, too simple and forced that did not achieve as much attraction as the fistfights of the Indiana Jones and that fortunately were disappearing from the new style book.



As The Curse of Monkey Island later showed , with its doubloon and similar actions, the problem was not so much the change of verbs (much as we will miss it) as its structure itself. Full Throttle was and is a simple game , with few puzzles , some


quite absurd and disconnected from the main plot for a story that seems more serious than other works of LucasArts. Also beautiful and one of the best examples of the time of animation and design of sprites, with a great use of lighting and close-ups that predicted that times were changing. But the important thing (especially at the time) for a good


graphic adventure, was the challenge and that of Full Throttle was minor and, above all, short. LucasArts was testing itself, and gave everythin


g in the graphic aspect, which possibly reduced the development time to create an adventure with more variety of scenarios, puzzles and finally, length. In fact, in some comments by Tim Schafer himself in this Full Throttle Remastered , it is


clear that many aspects of the story were cut. That is why The Curse of Monkey Island seems like the work that refined what Full Throttle had begun.


Full Throttle Remastered analysis

The road warrior

Playing back to Full Throttle is really interesting. What many saw at the time as a simple adventure can now be an advantage for players who do not want to engage in complex puzzles, but that requires you to stop thinking from time to time. An adventur

e, in short, more accessible . For the fans that come from the time, they will continue to see a half-cooked game playable, which had to make enough concessions for the SCUMM engine to reach a new technological ceiling.


Full Throttle Remastered PC

The cinematic sequences began to be somewhat more common in Full Throttle than in previous works by LucasArts.

Graphically , the result of the remastering is even more detailed than that of Day of the Tentacle: Special Edition , as there has been room to delve further into its sprites. Seeing the face of Ben or Maureen nailed to those of their close-ups while you’re playing


may not be surprising if you start the adventure in remastered mode , but it only takes a slight look at the original version to see that there’s been work both in the scenarios and in the characters, but espe


cially in the latter, which have been faithfully represented while respecting the original design, unlike the remastering of the first two Monkey Island. For example, the first plane of Maureen is the one used now for its representation in the game. The scenarios, however, are not far behind either, since taking advantage of the 16: 9 mode has required their extension on the sides to fill the screen.


Full Throttle Remastered

Ben can look, talk, use objects and kick things. We would not see an equal action in the genre until Gemini Rue.

It is impossible to forget some moments in the history of Full Throttle

The graphic work is perhaps the determining factor when playing or re-playing Full Throttle, since the voices and the soundtrack composed by The Gone Jackals have also been remastered, it is in this aspect where we will most notice the difference. One th

at does not have to be to everyone’s taste, because like Day of the Tentacle, the detail and smoothness of this version eliminates pixels and may (like me) be a lover of the pixel as it was created at the time. For and for this, there is also the original version with which you can exchange at any time.


Like the last remasters of Double Fine , one of the most succulent extras is to be able to activate the comments of the director and listen while you play some details of the development of the game by its protagonists. Of course, it is advisable to listen to them once you have played the adventure, since they may contain spoilers. Also as you play, game design sketches and songs from The Gone Jackals are unlocked .


Full Throttle Remastered PC

The dubbing was of high level and had a chameleon Mark Hamill for the voice of the antagonist Ripburger.

“When I think of Maureen, I think of two things: Asphalt … and problems.” “When I’m on the road, I’m indestructible . ” It is impossible to forget some moments of the history of Full Throttle. Curiously, as the plot progressed, it w


as harder for me to remember some of the events that happened until I had played this remastering. No. Full Throttle will not go down in history as the best graphic adventure in the history of LucasArts, but as it happens now, with games that se


rve as a preview of the future, especially in the technical aspect, it does have its place in the 90’s and it’s worth playing and studying. Check how the wonderful INSANE engine created some animations that brought the graphic adventure to a cartoon movie,CD-ROM happened to MIDI, and digitalized vocals to classic color subtitles.


It was interesting to see the change. And it has been nice to remember it now.