There were two ways to do this, to launch this new DOOM. The first and probably the most affordable; they tried to adapt the mechanics and background of the saga to one


of the current schemes of the modern FPS , just as in 2004 Carmarck turned DOOM 3 into the Survival Horror. It could have been DOOM with exoskeletons or DOOM in space, for example. Easy.


Total War: Warhammer

The second, and much more complicated and meritorious; it offered a glorious tribute to DOOM in itself, to DOOM in its purest form as a frenetic , direct, violent, brutal, impious and no-frills shooter . Action, blood and demons, nothing more. Fortunately, the team of Marty Stratton within id software has opted for this one.

Nobody, no player who truly knows what DOOM is – beyond the posturing that seems to surface these days just like when a famous singer dies – can deny the legitimacy of this return. If you grew up with one of the first two installments or their expansions –


even with any id FPS-, if you connected two PCs through the parallel printer port to play them in multiplayer, if you asked for a CD filled with * .wad with extra levels


by mail made by fans, or if despite discovering the saga later thanks to Mods as Brutal DOOM you still enjoyed it, you should thank for the direction this game has taken and how it ended up being-surpassing even a moment of existential crisis in 2012 after the warm reception of RAGE-.

Doom (PC) screenshot

If you are one of those, by now you should have the game installed on your PC running while reading this DOOM Analysis . Because although Bethesda has not allowed early access to the press and the Reviews have been slow to be published, word of mouth,


opinions on the forums, reviews of Steam -where it has gone from having 38% after the beta to 93% two days after his official departure – they have worked to


convey the message: This DOOM is the host. And worse for those who see it differently and do not know how to appreciate it, because they will be missing one of the best video games of 2016 .

Even with the goal clear, rebirth has not been easy. DOOM pays homage to the first DOOM and DOOM II, and does so by preaching its teachings no less than 23 years later. With personality, he has looked only at his historical legacy and has despised, like the


Doomguy, anything that is not killing, any current norm in the current FPS. He does not care. It is above Call of Dutys, Battlefields or Halos. And it shows it with courage, conviction and being brutally funny, overwhelmingly rejuvenated and overwhelming in the audiovisual, faithful to its principles.

DOOM is more DOOM than ever, yes. But to stay current and at the same time to be perceived as unaltered id has had to be cautious in contributing some


fresh, effective and enjoyable mechanics in 2016 together with an unwavering fidelity to the original concept. For this DOOM has been defined in three great game modes: Campaign, Multiplayer and Snapmap

Campaign mode

The DOOM campaign is its purest form, the classic scent with the technological development and current re-styling, almost a remake. His argument follows the fundamentals coined by the famous quote by John Carmarck – “The story in a video game is


like the script of a porn movie. It is supposed to be there, but it is not really important “- that is, it serves as the guiding thread and develops a very slight narrative work indirectly told by third parties.

The Doomguy never opens his mouth, as if he despised anything other than killing and razing – the manifesto of throwing the two minutes


into the air a tablet that was giving us too much fire with a lot of information is a declaration of intentions- . After all, history is the excuse for a display of bestial violence.

Throughout different facilities of a colony on Mars and several trips to Hell, DOOM raises variety in its simple approach: overcome a level starting from point A to reach B. And get to point B involves repeatedly destroy the dozens of demons that will meet us almost without ceasing, with final headsOf course, but also go back on the way to access keys, discover routes or


hidden rooms, overcome vertical levels with a strong component of platforms, explore the maps in search of secrets to enhance weapons, the Praetor armor, or complete achievements, find the portals to the Pandemonium in the form of Challenges awarded with Runes,


and even go hunting for the classic maps of the first DOOM. Squeezing all those secrets will take many more hours than the initial 10-12, and are hours that we will invest without perceiving a negative feeling or the need that have been implemented to artificially lengthen the game.