Splatoon 2

At the bottom of the mar … or not?
First of all it is important to anticipate that each game has its own rules. Applying to them can be simple in some cases, but often and willingly they lead us to the difficulties that we end up with repeatedly banging our heads to discover, at our expense and too late, the various mechanics that lie apart from they.
A simple gameplay can hide infinite finesse that separates the player’s performance from those of the neophyte. Sometimes, however, the game comes in handy by offering us a tutorial mode, or it contains it, to guide us in the early stages of the game.
In the formula of Splatoon 2 , the original chapter included, there are two important aspects to consider, the choice and use of the variety of weapons and the ability to move appropriately for the available maps. By firing soiling the soil and the paint walls, on the paint of your color we can run fast, turn into fast inkling (the Mollusca form of the characters) and finally, if placed on the vertical walls, trace the latter. While it is trivial to exploit these abilities in basic non-aversive moves, the real enterprise is to be able to capture the more arduous maneuvers with the shooting phases, especially if we are at the mercy of enemy fire.
This is how the single player mode takes place in a series of stages divided into five areas, all characterized by a mix of shooting and platforming, which can both lead us to discover the world of Splatoon 2 and to enter the more cruel world that will wait us out.
This time we will be called to save the polytree world of play, two years after the events of the first chapter, defeating for the once again the irreproachable octarians, which is also attributed to the disappearance of Stella, which you will remember in the duo of the Sea Sirens together with Marina, the latter commissioner of our missions.
The puzzle-shooting-platforming system that characterizes the entire single campaign is not surprising given the extreme proximity to the original chapter, but it is still enjoyable and in the advanced stages it can give you some extra challenge at the level of challenge. A diversion that will introduce you to the game and its mechanics without too much pretense.
Returning to the use of the weapon, in the course of history we will be constantly invited to try the various stages with a new weapon that will be kindly hailed by our friend Armand. In this way we can then try it on the other levels, improving the reference time previously marked.
Lastly, I remember that every weapon is potable, but to succeed in the company many fish eggs and a good number of sardinium accumulated.
Splatoon 2
A sepia black map, thank you!
As most of you know, the campaign is not the main mode of Splatoon 2 , which was primarily designed to illustrate the most inexperienced seals as the game. The real fulcrum of the title are the multi-player modes, ranging from friendly to leagues, passing for various co-operatives and ranked. As soon as it comes into play we are asked to create the virtual alter-ego, called hairstyle and complexion.
 You will then get to the square, a hub where you can access all the news and all the shops. Once Inkling is ready, with the base weapon set we are asked to participate in friendly mode for the first 10 levels, after which the rankings can be accessed.
In this first category of games, the only available mode is Mischia Mollusca, which is the classic and best known of Splatoon, whose goal is to be able to color the game map as much as possible. At the end of each game, depending on victory or defeat, you get experience points and coins, the first are needed to level up and unlock the equipment, then buyable in clothing and weapons sets through the second.