Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster arrives as the spiritual heir to the once successful Roller Coaster Tycoonsaga , and has compelling reasons to do so. This is a game that offers more polished creation and personalization options than ever before, so that recreating the park of our

Stardew Valley


dreams becomes more of a question than a possibility. However, our good work should also go to finance, with the consequent danger that our creativity leads to waste and the dream of having the most wonderful park is truncated before you start.

Batman – The Telltale Series

With a friendly presentation in all the senses, we access directly to the creation menu of our avatar: the business man who will make so many kids happy in search of excitement and fun. After editing our cartoon, we go to the main menu where we find the


three game modes: race, create your park and challenge. The last two focus on making your own park prosper, each one with its particularities. Thus, in creating your park we can give free rein to our imagination and not worry at all about the economic


progress: it is simply to enjoy creating and producing something of which we feel proud just by contemplating it. In challenge, on the contrary, we will feel the pressure to make every decision profitable, to overcome objectives with limited resources and to unblock new


options over time. It is a more complex construction task because it fully includes good management, but it can also be more satisfactory despite progressing much more slowly.

Planet Coaster (PC) screenshot

The career mode has some more marked difference, since it does not focus on creating a single park, but on facing specific challenges in different scenarios. We have a series of settings, each of which has three parks half built (well, this in the best of cases, since sometimes


we leave just a feint of fair as inheritance). What we must do is access to manage each one of these projects and overcome a series of marked objectives 


from the beginning, which can consist in the mere enlargement of the park, achieve an influx of certain public or save it from the broken bank,


among many other things. So, while we enjoy planning and designing each step we take, we will be waiting to comply with the orderly, which starts being a real children’s game when the park has enough funds to build that roller coaster that


they ask so much, but it is gaining in exigency when you do not know what noses the previous owner did with the ten million that he borrowed from that bank that does not stop sucking your income every month. In any case, the difficulty does not come to light and we may miss some real challenge to overcome.

This way, despite the interest it can have for the diversity of situations in which it places you,puede volverse el más cargante si nos proponemos completarlo sin más.


Some scenarios have challenges that take some time, but beyond that is the fact that it is not easy to leave each park just when it begins to take shape (when we surpass everything that is asked of us), and to be starting a new one every time It is not as rewarding as perfecting your creation until you know what else to contribute and simply decide to do another to try new


formulas and settings. Put another way: it could be more rewarding if you do not demand to work a park almost from the beginning so, after not too long, feel that the next step is to start with the next one. Maybe a single park per stage but with more objectives,


or much more developed parks with goals that go beyond making them grow, They could help eliminate that feeling that sometimes it’s not worth it so much

to put everything into creation if you want to keep moving forward. For that reason, the best way to enjoy it is to take it easy, while in any case it is advisable to play with the mere desire to pass it to you.