Those responsible for developing this highly anticipated project have been  IIIFonic  in collaboration with  Gun Media entertainment. They started a kickstart fund to raise funds and obtained a total of $ 823,704 from 12,218 sponsors to move forward. After months of delays and waiting for this 26th day he has finally arrived at Steam.

Friday the 13th (or Friday the 13th  in Spanish) was first born in 1980 as a horror and slasher film written by Victor Miller and pro


duced and directed by Sean S. Cunningham . It was only the first of 12 deliveries that have been released since that first Friday, June 13 from the 80s to the present (the last was in 2009). In spite of the mediocre reception that the saga has had on the


part of the critic, the franchise is considered like one of most legendary in the sort of terror, harvesting a great base of fans throughout the years.

History tells us how Jason Voorhees , being a child, drowned in the Crystal Lake Camp due to the negligence of the staff and since then the place has been cursed, terrible massacres happening there to anyone who dares to spend the night being unp


repared. In the original film the murderer is Jason’s mother: Pamela Voorhees, who brutally persecutes and murders the group of young people who were preparing the lake camp to reopen it. The only survivor of the group is Alice Hardy, who manages to de


fend herself and behead Pamela with a machete. All this will be familiar if we have played or seen content of the game we are dealing with: Frida


y the 13th: The Game, since it takes the original movie as a direct reference to situate its action. We will portray Jason as a murderer (following the voice of his mother, whose head we found at the end of the games to get the experience) or one of the seven young people on one of the three maps of the Crystal Lake Camp.


The game has a very similar approach to Dead by Daylight, where one player plays the role of a ruthless killer and the remaining 4 play as survivors trying to escape. Even so, that is much simpler, since it only has one type of execution and one wa


y to escape (turning on generators). On Friday the 13th we have a much wider range of options, both as “counselors” and as the killer of the hockey mask.

Killing like Jason

When we incarnate the killer we will have to search and kill the 7 survivors for the Camp. We will leave the cabin of the Voorhees and we can choose between different initial weapons. As the game progresses, our powers will be unblocked , which have


a short cooling time after using them: “Morph” to teleport around the map instantly, “Shift” to move quickly over short distances and chase


after our prey, “Stalk” to approach stealthily and “Sense” to detect them. It will be easier to see them if their fear indicator is high, if they run or swim in the lake. Finally, “Rage” is considered your ultimate skill ,

When we catch them we can kill them in ingenious ways, using the environment (doors, trees, chimneys and so on) or simply with a direct attack with our weapon. The more elaborate the deaths and the more number of people we kill, the more points of expe


rience we will obtain at the end of the game. With these experience points we can buy Perks (skills), clothes or other objects of interest in the game


menu. We can also automatically unlock 5 different models of Jason to level up, corresponding to those appeared in the movies, reaching the level 31 last.

Friday the 13th: The Game (PC) screenshot

Fleeing as a survivor

Embodying one or one of the seven survivors we will have to face the dangerous abilities of Jason to accomplish the difficult task of escaping the Camp alive. Fear will be one of our enemies, since the level of it will increase if we see corpses of our compani


ons or if the murderer is near. The greater our fear indicator, the easier it will be for our enemy to detect us. In addition, moving quickly, ru


nning and swimming will make us able to detect him with his ability. By hiding in closets, under the bed and others we can hold our breath for a short time to make no noise. We will have a stamina


bar that will be consumed when running and an inventory to store three kits and a hole to carry something in hand, either a useful object to repair a vehicle or a weapon. We will not be able to carry both at the same time. When leveling up as counselor


s we can unlock different skills such as an increase in strength when hitting or starting the game with a baseball bat, a kit, etc.

To escape there are several options, some more complicated than others. We can hide and wait until the end of the departure time (abou


15-20 minutes in total), call the police and wait for them to pick us up (which takes 5 minutes) or call Tommy Jarvis (finding the CB rad


io) , the hunter, who will become one of the players who died or escaped in the round. We can also repair the car and flee by road (by gasoli


ne, engine and keys) or the boat, although Jason will be alerted as soon as we get up and make noise, being able to teleport to our position instantly to stop us.

There is another more elaborate way to end Jason. We must find the cabin in which it appears for the first time (it can be in the mi


ddle of the lake or next to the cemetery) and wearing a female character, put on the jersey that is on the altar next to the head of its mythical mother: Pamela. With it on, when we approach Jason, we can confuse him by using the voice of his mother, w


hen we must take advantage of it to knock him out and shoot him with the hunter’s shotgun. It is also important to add the fact that we must have removed the mask before shooting the final shot with various blows


, until discovering his terrifying face. It is a very difficult strategy to carry out and we always have the option of doing it when a friend is taking Jason, but it is much more satisfying if it is achieved “without cheating”.

Friday the 13th: The Game (PC) screenshot

Friday the 13th presents a soundtrack and sound effects consistent with the integration in the dark environment, scaring us in the early stages of the game when the volume and rhythm of sounds increase when we meet Jason. Even so, it ends


up tiring when we are already used to them, due to the stridency and constant repetition of the tone of the music. We also have dubbing


only in English to put ourselves in situation when listening to the screams of the survivors or the gloomy orders of Pamela, Jason’s mother.