Fortnite will host a unique Heavenly Fire event on September 12 – Igromania

Company Epic Games announced that on September 12 at Fortnite the final event of the seventh season of the second chapter starts. Operation Heavenly Fire will open on September 12 at 23:00 Moscow time. Preparations for it will begin half an hour earlier, there will be no repetition of the event.

Players will have to finally put an end to the alien occupation, and for this they will have to go to the last dimension before the Flagship destroyed the secret base of the Order of the Loop.

Before the start of the operation, you should have time to spend ingots: they will be reset at the end of the season. For their owners, a big sale starts on September 9, and a new Legendary quest will give the experience of a Battle Pass for using ingots.

By the season finale, players must complete the remaining epic missions, including Superman missions, and exchange battle stars and alien artifacts. After the start of Operation Heavenly Fire, they will be automatically exchanged for the first unreceived awards and styles.

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