Sebastian Stan responded to comments about the role of young Luke Skywalker

Actor Sebastian Stan replied to the numerous comments of users who suggested taking him for the role of a young Luke Skywalker

Stan’s campaign got hotter after the season 2 finale. “The Mandalorian”where the hero appeared Mark Hamill – it was “rejuvenated” with the help of graphics, but not all viewers liked this result.

In response, some have just begun to actively suggest Stan for the role, if Luke suddenly looks into the series in the future. Users created fan posters, made comparisons, and then deepfake technology masters got involved.

Earlier, Mark Hamill himself joked about this several times, calling the actor “the son who does not write,” and stuff like that. Stan himself, in response to this all, said that he would believe in the possibility of getting the role when Hamill called him personally – until then, he refuses to do it.

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