Fortnite, the purple night


How did Fortnite’s post-apocalyptic scenario become such? All the fault of a mysterious perturbation, simply called “the storm”, which suddenly fell in all parts of the world, causing the disappearance of 98% of the population.


The survivors of the event had to organize themselves to resist further attacks, because in this case the problem is not only thunder and lightning: when the sky is purple, on the earth appear mysterious appendages that open the gates of hell and project for the zombie streets of various kinds : from simple abjectors to “baseball players”, from unstoppable tanks to “beekeepers”,

Fortnite, the purple night

So many types of living dead, that we will face during the long campaign of the title Epic Games, composed at the moment by four scenarios (Pietralegno, Tavolaccia, Vallarguta and Montespago)

from the degree of increasing difficulty, accessible as we complete the missions. From a narrative point of view, Fortnite puts us in the shoes of a survivor who, inadvertently running into a stronghold controlled by some nice robots, is spurred to coordinate the action of human warriors who fight to stem the storm and its evil effects.


The dialogues, spoken in English and subtitled in Italian, are very funny and manage to create the Cartoonesque atmosphere that the graphic suggests from the first impact, pleasant and colorful, with a nice design for survivors and zombies.


Sometimes even frame rate drops occur on PlayStation 4 Pro, but let’s imagine this is something that developers will be able to fix without major problems in the coming weeks. What really matters for the quality of the experience is the gameplay, and there is sorry to say but it’s not all roses and flowers.

Fortnite, the purple night


In Fortnite we are therefore the “commanders”, but at the end it is a simple expedient. Selected one of the available characters, in fact, we will check it directly, as in a third person shooter at Gears of War, although with a system of movement simplified and accessible, which does not provide the ability to lurk and regulates quick shots through an indicator of fatigue.


A short tutorial introduces us to the mechanisms of gameplay: some catch on the fly, with great ease, but others remain a bit ‘too dark and then you have to work hard to understand them, which makes the first few hours of play a little problematic.


The basic idea, replicated in practically every type of mission (apart from those in which you are looking for survivors), is to explore some maps of generous size, collect resources by picking anything from cars to trees, from cancel the houses, find the point of interest on duty and eventually collect the units of energy needed to start a device.

Fortnite, the purple night

Before starting the countdown that will lead to the arrival of the zombies, however, we will have to go to the “construction” mode and put up a more or less resistant structure around the area that we will have to defend from the assault of the enemies, c


hoosing between different materials (wood, stone, iron) and decorating floors, walls or ceilings of traps gradually more sophisticated, able to eliminate the enemies that are stationed there. When we are ready, we can operate the switch and face more numerous hordes, giving the bottom to the bullets and experimenting with a simple but solid combat system,


which can give some satisfaction as long as not to engage in melee combat: collision detection in that case is approximate and the fun is less.


Organizing together with the other members of the group becomes important as you move on to the advanced stages, also because having a companion who covers us can eventually restore the walls and defenses removed without suffering da