Football Manager 2018

I’m not going to go into these discrepancies, but I warn you that the Football Manager saga is for the hardcore of the king sport, for the one who really takes the football in the blood and, at the same time, lacks that time in the one that the videojuegos of managemen


t were one of the pretty children of the genres of PC. The Sports Interactive brand has a bit of all that, and is one of those entertainments that treasure those virtues of the releases of that profile in terms of being terribly addictive and allow us to reproduce that phrase so linked to Firaxis video games, but equally applicable here : “Only one more turn”.


Football Manager 2018 takes certain criticisms that received some of the latest deliveries in terms of not providing too much substance and betting on introducing new things; but, also, to make them fully visible. Apparatus is how I can best describe the


landing of everything that is injected in this new episode, things more or less necessary depending on our interests for the different facets of the launch, but in any case are noted. How valid are they? Do they really give us a better title? I tell you in the review.


Gameplay commented


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What is clear that Sports Interactive does not want to leave aside any profile of public, and while Football Manager has always been focused mainly on the type of player more anchored to the realistic simulation, the truth is that for some years now it has of

fered alternatives of interest to those who want something more imaginative. In that sense it connects the Draft of Fantasy , an alternative that has never interested me particularly but that does not stop me from recognizing the great work that has been carried out with her since her incorporation.


Football Manager 2018 analysis

The main menu does not see too many changes, but if we look at the number of new tabs in the left area we realize that the thing has changed.

Last year, a lot of innovations were introduced to continue giving it shape, and this time this aspect, especially enjoyable with friends, grows by allowing us to play several seasons, allows colleagues to join in a more fluid and organic way and has s


mall adjustments in the periods of transfer or in the glasses in order to offer more possibilities to users to fully personalize the experience . The possibility of building the team of our dreams completely trampling reality is the main objective, and carrying out confrontations against friends will be one of the main sources of attention of this part.


Football Manager 2018 PC

Raffled that section, talk about the news more entirely related to the part manager pure and hard. For example, in the signings there are some unpublished clauses, rather few, but much more flexibility at the time of arranging the ones that we already knew with infinity of new combinations for payments in installments or with the possibility of proposing a much greater number of incentives for almost every thing we can imagine.


Football Manager 2018

Group dynamics seem like a great way to manage the entire social aspect of our workforce.

They also highlight, in my opinion positively, all the news that includes the system of browsing . The bases are the same as in the past, but now we have more options. The figure of a Data Analyst gains weightthat debuted last year but whose functions were not as clear as I would have liked. Now, although the scouts continue with the reports of general notions that they d


id up to now, we can complement them with an assortment of incredible numerical data on the part of the analysts themselves. His successful passes, his average kilometers per game, his losses, his steals, his average of valuation, his ratio of victories in the matches in which he has participated … A number of obscenely huge elements that will delight those who, like I, like to immerse myself in depth in his role as manager.