Last Tuesday, February 9, it went on sale for PC and PlayStation 4 , Firewatch , a peculiar adventure that supposes the debut of


Campo Santo studio and that has been published by Panic . We find ourselves with a peculiar game, unique in its own way in which we will play the role of a man named Henry who, after suffering a bad spell in his personal life, decides to disconnect from his problems by accepting a job as a forester during a summer at the end of 80’s years.

Dying Light: The Following

From the first moment, with an introduction in which the text predominates and some elections in the conversations, the title of Campo Santo already lets us see what it is, an adventure, almost an interactive film (similar to titles like Beyond, Journey or Dear Esther), in which the conversations and the plot will prevail over the rest of playable mechanics

Layers of Fear

that will be, on the other hand, quite simple and affordable for any type of player. Also, from its first minutes, we will find the narrative proposal, which will tell


us the misfortunes of Henry and that will justify, quite convincingly, why this good man needed to accept, however this work to take a few months of disconnection, with the sole company of nature and of a voice on the other side of a radio: Delilah.

Firewatch (OSX) screenshot

Since our companion in another of the watchtowers tell us the first words we will know that it will be an important character that will be acquiring prominence throughout the adventure, narrowing his relationship with Henry and starring in a particular story that certainly not it will leave nobody indifferent. A story that, of course, we do not want to reveal even the smallest detail,


but we will say that, as happens with the introduction, is a mature narrative, that will hook us and that will catch us, especially in the minutes end of the game, and that will make us want to explore more and more that mysterious forest where things are not always what they seem.

However, to this great narrative we have to put two factors against it. The first is in English, so the public that does not master the Saxon language will not enjoy, at all, a game that carries almost all its mechanics in the narrative.


The positive parts are that the language used is not too complicated, being accessible to almost anyone with some knowledge in the language of


Shakespeare (although some important nuances could be lost), and that Campo Santo has already announced that the translation into Spanish is on the way so, sooner rather than later, this small problem for the Spanish speaking public will be solved.

The second is a somewhat abrupt ending that leaves us a bit misplaced as players, as if wanting more and with the feeling that Campo Santo might have wanted to prolong its history a bit more but, due to factors that are beyond our knowledge , finally they had to leave us


with the little more than 4 hours of the adventure, depending, in large part, on what we stopped to explore the forests or if we got stuck at some point of the game, something that is not easy, on the other hand.

As for the rest of playable mechanics, let’s say that, outside the plot and the conversations, Delilah will guide us and give instructions when it comes to exercising our work, sending us to explore the forest in search of people who are carrying out different altercations or to


Check the smoke and possible acts of vandalism of young people who come to camp and to inhabit their land during the summer. Not to get lost, in addition to some pretty well marked trails, we will have the great help of a map (which we can update as the game progresses)


and the always useful compass as well as other objects that will help us to make our way before the difficulties of the forest and that we will have to find as we move along our path.