Fire Emblem Fates

A brief history: in 1990, the first part of Fire Emblem single-handedly created the genre of tactical JRPG. One of its key features was a permanent character death in battle: dying, they were lost forever, and you could easily lose valuable units to the end of the game. In addition, each of them was a full-fledged character with its history that made the players take care of them and pereprohodit fights, making sure that all of the characters will survive the final.

Nintendo has long refused to release Fire Emblem in the West – perhaps in the belief that our public its high complexity will be too tough. As a result, the first localized there was only one seventh of the series, released in 2003 on GBA. The next few issues promptly appeared in the West, but on the Nintendo DS series stumbled: the two parts that make up the Prince of Mars history, in English only officially released the first, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon . Second,  Heroes of Light and Shadow , the Nintendo somehow locate refused: whether due to low sales weak Shadow Dragon, whether due to piracy, to reign on the DS. And it is very unfortunate.

Heroes of Light and Shadow, the twelfth part of the cycle, was truly outstanding Fire Emblem, as opposed to those that followed it on the 3DS.

Review of the Fire Emblem Fates.  Game Review - Image 2
Review of the Fire Emblem Fates.  Game Review - Image 3

Another important aspect of the series Fire Emblem was a shortage of resources. Unlike many other representatives of the genre, it does not offer the opportunity to endlessly rocking, and is a rigorous series of battles, one after the other. So valuable resource becomes absolutely everything from the characters and breaking arms dying forever to the money, and even experience. For example, killing a powerful paladin in the first half of the game low-level enemies, you can leave the rest of the team neprokachannoy and not ready for a serious test in the finals, where he is the paladin, leaning into the salt goose Development, renders useless.

Emblem Fire: Awakening , the thirteenth part of the cycle, to break this rule. It is not the first, but with the possibility of previous FE pumped without reason is considered the worst in the series: the opportunity to fill their excess levels of destroying the balance. It happened in Awakening: because of the abundance of side missions, it can be easy to get stuck in a battle that your team was not too tough, but after the side missions to return to the plot and understand that the enemies are literally dying from schelbanov.

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Back in the Fire Emblem long been a system of “support” if the two characters were often side by side on the battlefield, they begin to talk, give each other bonuses in battle, and can even get a pair of endings if their relationship developed to the desired level. Awakening has decided to focus on this and turned the game in uniform dating sim with breeding: pump up to a maximum ratio between the two characters of different genders, the player receives not only the cloying scene with declarations of love, but immediately – of freshly grown-baby pairs. Children characters appeared in the fourth part of the Fire Emblem, but there is the action of the second half of the game takes place twenty years after the first event, and the heirs of finishing the work of his dead parents. Awakening also came up with a convenient excuse to say:

Awakening from hardcore tactics turned into a simplified game about crossing different characters.

But it is her reason most caressed press and gamers (and geymershi, eager for mating cute anime personazhikov). Its success was obvious, and therefore it is not surprising that in the fourteenth edition of the cycle, Fire Emblem Fates , preserved all the new features of the Awakening, even those which it has no place. It is not surprising, but no less regrettable.

Fire Emblem Fates – this is pure indulgence, fanservis, fantasies service intended target audience. Before last part, Heroes of Light and Shadow, allow the player to create the character and look at Mars Prince burdens by one of his associates; past, Awakening, made from a player’s avatar skillful tactics and close friend of the protagonist; Fates went even further and combined the role of the protagonist and player avatars. She shamelessly poking it in the face: are you – a great leader of your decisions all depends, all follow you, you, you, you.