The Technomancer

Mars returns

of The Technomancer – it really augmented, enhanced and improved version of the Mars: War the Logs . Prettier graphics, modified battle system, the really big city (but without an open world, which the French never promised), a large-scale plot more unsuited fractions, buddy, dialogues …

The game once again takes place on the red planet, in human colony where various corporations equip their city, set their own orders and compete with each other for resources. We’re playing for a young techno-mage, who became involved in the showdown with far-reaching consequences. In the process he has to fight, to communicate, to make difficult decisions, “pump” himself and better equipment (and his companions).

Role system thus is able to satisfy demanding tastes. In combat, you can freely change three different racks – is, relatively speaking, a warrior, wielding a mace and shield, thief, Relying on the daggers and pistols, and, in fact, technomage with his staff, the charged electricity.

Accordingly, you are improving some of these styles (or everything – there are no restrictions), strength, agility, endurance, or the magic of the character, as well as develop his special talents. ‘Charisma’ helps to persuade interlocutors in the dialogue, “Science” opens up additional replicas are the same and increase the health regeneration of the members of your squad. But why do we need “crafting” and the ability to pick locks, to explain, I think, is not necessary.

Martian city vary greatly in style and architecture, but each is full of assorted people, bandits, vagabonds, prostitutes, mutants and traders.

RPG in the style of Spiders

, however, first to enjoy all these sores interfere with the birth of almost all projects Spiders , of which it was not possible to get rid of and then. Big cities are awash with wry ambulant dolls that are either standing still, arms swinging, or aimlessly wander here and there, occasionally bumping into each other or the furnishings.

In battles with animation all right – and you know how beautiful and opponents attack, block, dodge and evade punches in a spectacular jump. A techno-mage with a staff trained to do so and pirouettes, he envied the monks of Shaolin. But the sense of balance issues. Opponents even on normal difficulty scatter team. And you have to jump or long around them, waiting to be restored “mana” to cheer reptiles electricity, or to rely solely on a fighting stance with the shield.

In the second half of the passage of the situation is changing: you and stick with Burke famously with all, even on the “hard”. Stealth is useless: it is almost impossible with a single blow from behind to remove the enemy – he will get increased damage, and then get into a fight, attracting the attention of the rest of you.

Finally, there are problems with the explicit logic of some quests. In The Technomancer constantly running internal clock, the clock going, day follows night, and many set or tied to the time of day or a time-bound implementation. The idea is excellent, but the use of its authors is not always adequate. In one of the missions for example, we should have time to find and neutralize a group of deserters, although those sitting in the building and it seems that nowhere in a hurry. And another to prevent a terrorist attack, disarm the bomb. And here for some reason nobody stopwatch does not include – can perform other jobs and even lie down to sleep, waiting for the next morning, and the potential terrorist will dutifully wait in the same place.

he Martian Chronicles

The most offensive, that underneath it all lurks a really interesting, it is a role game in the tradition of all the same BioWare has . In The Technomancerfull of moral dilemmas. Initially, our hero works in the service of one of the paramilitary corporations must keep order in the streets. But nothing prevents him to act in their own way and even to disobey direct orders.

Those deserters same terrorist can not kill, and let go. Or arrest. You can even run on a local crime boss and steal weapons from the party’s own barracks. Throughout the game you are directly between a few lights, choosing between honor, duty, conscience and their own notions of what is good and what is bad – and all decisions affect the reputation with various factions and karma character.