Sudden Strike 4

The basic idea of such strategies is simple and elegant. It is under the command of a certain set of troops – infantry, tanks, artillery, air support, a few highly specialized “units” such as snipers or sappers. Goals may be the most diverse – from a layered defense to raids behind enemy lines, but still the focus of the type of strategies Sudden Strike has always been combined arms battle.

Player no one led by the hand: here’s subordinates, short military order – follow! How exactly will go to win the newly-born captain – it does not matter, there’s one as far as the imagination. Verified balance between realism and wargames simplifications standard RTS allowed to feel like a real commander without much effort – the game remains a game.

This is not to find dozens of parameters for each “unit” and the strict observance of the performance characteristics of equipment, but there is no almost instant (in the scale of the mission) and the construction of bases appearing in the barracks of the soldiers in exchange for money, and resources.

Decent graphics and scale also played an important role – every soldier and every Tanchiki was a separate model, and if not whole regiments participated almost in battle (in Sudden Strike 2 on the same card could be up to two thousand of units).

At first glance, the fourth part is largely trying to be like it was in the first draft of this series. Anyway, this we are waiting for her, and so it would like to see.

Three campaigns – Axis, the Allies and the Soviet Union; clear and unambiguous objectives – to keep, to attack, to take; a minimum of conventions such as the purchase of subordinates for points in the “single” than we spoiled multiplayer strategy. The SS4 , by the way, the focus is on a single pass – as is common in the genre. Everything as before? Unfortunately no.

“Zerg-rash” – our all

It is clear that to republish an old game in a new wrapper – the idea at least questionable. For fear of a similar development changes have always loved porugivat. But here is a case where success could bring a careful copy of the original, taking into account modern technology. Instead Kite Games decided needlessly redraw time-tested formula for the situation.

Sudden Strike 4 game review

“Battle on the Ice”. Mission is not a big deal, most importantly – to make some more holes in the ice, because the AI ​​get polynyas are not trained.

A feeling that the studio staff are not familiar with the first part of the series. Some elements have been added like in order to loudly declare them in the announcements, but whether they are useless in practice – no one thought. Others, on the contrary, threw without noticing some very important things.

For example, the command system. It is in the spirit of modern games: before the mission, you can choose one of three generals, each of which gives some bonus armies.

Infantry doctrine strengthens the ordinary soldiers, armored – fighting vehicles and support the doctrine allows to win at the expense of the accelerated repair or recharge. Each branch has a few skills, which are responsible for such bonuses.

They are available at once – a victory in the mission of giving from one to three stars, and those spent on the discovery of these skills.

It seems to be logical – there is a variation, you can use a variety of tactics to pass the mission in different ways, in the end. But not this time – this system is perfect for multiplayer, where the player knows his strength or self-defines a set of troops. And here we do not even know who it will be under our command in the coming battle! Choose gain of tanks, infantry and only have to fight in the next mission – or vice versa.

In fact, more and more of these useless Ogryzkov notice. Dynamite, who have nowhere to apply, limited ammunition and fuel vehicles, which are unlikely to have time to finish by the end of the mission, any unused stuff, like the possibility to open the commander hatch and put the infantry to armor …

Why, if for a better view easier to keep the infantry near the tank, and the soldiers are moving at almost the same rate as the technology? It comes to the ridiculous – such as mines easier to shoot than the cause of sappers.