Fire Emblem Direct

Last night, the latest  Nintendo Direct dedicated exclusively to Fire Emblem , a series that has now entered the hearts of fans, becoming one of the most popular in the Kyoto home. During the presentation of  Nintendo Switch,  a spin-off of the series named Fi


re Emblem Warriors was announced  , and in many of us we hypothesized that the conference would be based primarily on this title; arrived at the end, we can say that we have been pleasantly tricked by Nintendo who instead managed to surprise us.



Welcome back, Gaiden
Direct has opened with the announcement of a new mainstream game for Nintendo 3DS, entitled Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadow of Valentia .


The title is strongly inspired by the second of the saga, released in time on NES or  Fire Emblem Gaiden , to date never released outside of Japan; the

feeling is that it’s a real remake, as the whole game will be recreated from scratch. The original mechanics will be fused with the modern ones that current fans have learned to love  through the brand’s latest iterations. The operation, in this sense, is very similar to what was already happening with Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest .

The intentions of Nintendo and Intelligent Systems are clear: now that the saga is known to the general public, you can try to connect many more players with the series’s chapters. The dialogues of the characters will also be completely dubbed (in English, at this time


they will continue to speak in Italian) and there will be several animated cutscenes, realized by the same talented animation team that worked for Awakening and Fates . The title will be released on May 19 this year, and two Amiibo will be available on the same day featuring the characters Alm and Celica. We still do not know what their function will be in the game, but Nintendo has announced that they will soon get information about it.



Ads for Switches and not only
But the news does not end here: after finishing showing Echoes  has been announced a new title for Nintendo Switch! The announcement is definitely important because it was from the time of Radiant Dawn , released on Nintendo Wii in 2007, that there was no title of this saga on a home console, although they recalled that Switch is still a console of hybrid nature.

Nintendo seems to want to finally break into the heart of the 3DS holders, inviting them to support this console in the future. Of this game we only know tha

t it has the Fire Emblem for Nintendo Switch code name and that its release date is scheduled for 2018.
At the end of this pleasing revelation, a slightly longer trailer of Fire Emblem Warriorshas been shown , featuring a part of gameplay with Chr


om, Awakening’s protagonist. Other characters have not been shown, though we already know what will be almost certainly confirmed by the presence of their swords in the official trailer (Marth, Corrin, Ryoma and Xander). The title will also not be exclusive to Nintendo Switch, but it will also be released on New 3DS. Considering the problems in turning Hyrule Warriors

Legends on 3DS “standard” it is understandable their choice to concentrate exclusively on the latest models. However, it remains a curious move and at marketing level questionable: Fire Emblem Warriorsit could be one of the titles with which to push the fans of the saga to get a Nintendo Switch. In any case, the owners of New 3DS will surely appreciate a new exclusive title for their console, which adds to the previous Xenoblade Chronicles 3D .



The strategy is mobile
To conclude the conference, many had predicted that the title for smartphones would also be shown, which was known only to have been announced development: the forecasts were not denied since last night it was finally shown  Fire Emblem Heroes , name chosen by the company for the mobile title. In this chapter, the battles will take place in maps 8x


6 and we will be able to control four characters simultaneously with the same gameplay as ever; will also be re-introduced in this case the triangle of weapons that fans have learned by heart and the battles will continue to require strategy and commitment from the player.Being a mobile title is very similar to that in other GDR titles on the same market: you can summon the heroes from the various games by using balls, which can be obtained by playing normally or by paying; each of them may have a different color that will indicate a different attribute (sword, ax, pitch, and bow), so we will use spheres of the same color, and the likelihood of recalling a character re


lated to that attribute will be greater.The subsequent evocations will need less spheres: to summon the first protagonist we will have to use 5, the second will be reduced to 4 and so on. Each fighter also has stars indicating the force, up to a maximum of 5: a 3-star character is identical to one in every 4 except in the fact that it is weaker; however, it will be possible to increase its value by collecting the right materials, increasing the stars permanently.


There is also an important point to point out and not so desirable: unlike what happens in the main series, the characters will not die permanently in case of defeat; then we can continue to get them level and use them in later battles. The title will be “soon” on Ipad and Iphone, while Android users will have to wait until February 2, with the ability to pre- Google Play from today. The official website of the game has also been launched, of which we link the link inside the special so that you can vote for what historical characters you would like to recruit at certain events: My Nintendo account holders will also receive 200 platinum points by expressing their own opinion!